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Who Won the CNN Arizona GOP Debate 2/22/12

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Instant Analysis:


Mitt Romney: He intercepted all of Rick Santorum’s attacks and pushed them back into his face. His strategy was to paint him as a Washington insider and it worked. He Santorum stick up for earmarks and once again demonstrated that when he asserts himself during these debates that he’s Presidential material.

Didn’t win or lose:

Newt Gingrich: There were flashes of brilliance. Is he going to pull off another South Carolina upset in Michigan or Arizona? Probably not. Newt did misspeak once. Marco Rubio was specifically talking about Gingrich when addressing illogical immigration rhetoric.

Ron Paul:The Revolution must have stuffed the venue with a lot of supporters. He looked good tonight. But, he hasn’t won any states. He’s almost a better general election candidate than a GOP primary hopeful. He should have been in the winner column tonight except….
he faltered on Israel and Iran…again

There also isn’t six dollar gas in Florida… yet


Rick Santorum: You can’t defend earmarks in front of a tea party crowd. Booooooooo! The politically savvy know how the system works and how common it is but, you still can’t allow it in a Republican primary.

It was a solid effort by all involved. Worthy of ending a debate drought and moving into important primaries.

More analysis tomorrow!

  1. Get some facts before you write these things.

    This link talks about $6/gallon gas in FL. He didn’t faulter on Israel, he said what the majority of America believes. People were clapping when he spoke about defense spending and war. Gain some credibility and quit pandering.

  2. Oh Andrew… You’re not a regular reader of this blog. I’ll give you a pass. Of course, like most Ron Paul commenters…. you ignore all of the positive content I have on this blog about Paul and go straight on the attack. This is why you guys don’t get any traction. You don’t research before attacking.

  3. Put a poll up and see who won. Lets here what the voters say and not just the opinion of this site

  4. Romney and Santorum both looked bad. They both got showed each other for ther frauds they are. I didn’t see where Romney won. Why does he always get a pass? He is not what we need now. More of the same. Newt is a out there on the moon although compared to the cat fighting he seemed like he had his head back on the planet. Ron Paul… Consistent and made sense. Real ideas and a cool head. Just what we need right now. A reality check.

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