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Matt Falconer is back and he wants to take on Precourt in New FL House D44

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In 2010 the Orange County Mayor’s race featured 4 very different personalities. The honest and calculating, eventual winner Teresa Jacobs. The savvy and calm Commissioner Bill Segal and, the sincerity and friendliness of Commissioner Linda Stewart.

Then there was businessman Matt Falconer and here’s one of his verbal gems.

“The reason Pine Hills isn’t getting any money is because my opponents have spent all of it, in the Emerald city (Orlando) on (performing) art centers”

He brought an “Economics for Dummies” book to a televised debate. He attacked on blogs, radio, social media, and television. His battle against Sunrail made him the Tea Party favorite for that race.

When he was defeated there was no doubt he would be back. He continued to attack Mayor Jacobs’ policy and stayed active on the Tea Party scene. Oh, he was going to run again it was only a matter of time and opportunity.

Today, he announced that he was going to run for Florida House. In the new District 44.

That’s Rep Stephen Precourt’s expected seat. Fellow State Rep. Eric Eisnaugle also lives in the district. Here is an excerpt of the release from the Orlando Sentinel story.

Matthew Falconer’s rock solid conservative resume and strong support of conservative and tea party groups will pose a serious challenge to the incumbent, Representative Steve Precourt, so much so that Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford called Matthew Falconer yesterday to inform him the Speaker is backing Precourt.

This race will be a classic case of a citizen candidate against the establishment and determine if the conservative groups, including the tea party, have enough grass roots strength to defeat the well-financed establishment candidates.

“While I do not consider myself the frontrunner by no means am I a long shot. We the people have always outnumbered the group called the establishment, we just never had the tea party to level the playing field.”

“It is time to restore faith in government and I hope to lead that effort in the Florida House.”

Much like he did in the Orange County Mayor Race, Falconer is shaking things up. The reception has been hostile. No, the reception has been brutally hostile.

Precourt has the support of his colleagues in Tallahassee

In addition to Will Weatherford supporting Precourt, House Speaker Dean Cannon removed Falconer from the Government Efficiency Task Force. A post Falconer was proud to serve on.


Stone cold and straight-forward. Classic Dean Cannon.

Then there was this letter from Ormond Beach State Rep Fred Costello. Who’s running against Craig Miller for Congressional District 6.

Hi Matt!
I just read Sayfie Review.
Congrats on your continuing interest to enter the arena to save taxpayers’ money!
As you may recall, I contributed to your mayoral campaign because (even though we don’t always agree on every issue) I like your focus on saving taxpayers’ money!
However … I am a huge fan of Representative/Chairman Steve Precourt!
I have been honored to serve with him on the Finance & Tax Committee which he chairs.
So I know his values.
He is conservative!
He has earned my ongoing support!

So why am I bothering to email you?
I have NO idea who else is in your new House District (or if the Supreme Court will require us to change the lines) now or in the future … but as I understand it, Chair Precourt only has two more years before he is termed out.
I am quite confident Chairman Precourt will do well in the upcoming election as he has an excellent conservative record and has also earned the respect of folks who are in positions to help him raise significant campaign funds.
He will be a most formidable opponent!
Therefore, I respectfully suggest you consider talking with Chairman Precourt (I’ll be happy to set it up if that would be helpful) and IF he is not aware of anybody else he is already supporting for 2014, you could announce that you will seek the seat in 2014 and agree with him to record your votes on 2012-2014 bills so he can see how you would have voted and therefore hopefully you will be able to earn his support when the 2014 race begins. (Notice I did NOT encourage you to make a “deal” … I don’t like endorsement “deals.”)

Please realize I am not saying you are not/will not be a great candidate.
I’m just saying there is a fabulous candidate who has earned my/our support.
And btw, I’m confident you don’t want another “loss” on your record.
Fred Costello


So, much like he did in the Orange County Mayor race. Matt Falconer is making noise and this was just the announcement.

Can he win? He’s got a puncher’s chance

Falconer can hustle with the best of them and his team was canvassing every weekend in 2010. Precourt ran a good ground game as well, and will certainly have the fundraising advantage.

The conservative culture between the two camps could not be further apart. Falconer’s loyal Tea Party following vs. Precourt’s traditional conservative crowd

It’s going to be fascinating to watch.

Matt Falconer's announcement was a bold statement against Florida House Republicans

  1. […] likely opponent, Steve Precourt, leaked the news to Florida Speaker Dean Cannon who abruptly terminated Matthew Falconer’s appointment on the State’s Government Efficiency Task […]

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