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Mayor Buddy Dyer delivers State of City address

In Uncategorized on February 29, 2012 at 3:53 pm

At the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer delivered his State of the City address.

Facing re-election this year, Dyer thanked UCF President John Hitt and others and quickly launched into a list of the city’s achievements over the last year.

Dyer started with the flourishing medical city. Describing how the College of Medicine, Nemours, R&D facilities and the recently delayed VA Hospital (sincerely wish more lawmakers would look into that) would deliver 250 thousand jobs and an 8 Billion dollar positive impact in the region.

The Mayor also touted the success of All-Star weekend. The positive impact on the local economy and the demonstrated strength of the Amway Center (which recently reached it’s first anniversary) He pushed for a refurbished Citrus Bowl, which has become a hot topic as local leaders look at the next possibility for staying competitive with other cities for events.

There was also Sunrail where, the Mayor announced he would expand the free Lynx Lymo to other communities to accommodate the commuter rail system which, is expected to arrive in 2014 and, the Creative Village which Dyer expected to create another 5 thousand jobs.

To his critics (and possibly opponents) Dyer pushed back at accusations of supporting corporate welfare. “You are mistaken. This is not a handout. This is a hand-up” and that companies would not be able to receive incentives without providing proof they had created jobs.

The Mayor went on to address the decrease of crime. He praised the achievements of the Orlando Police Department and announced a new division, that would specialize in the prevention and investigation of burglaries in the city.

The preceding points were all leading up to the centerpiece of his address, that they’re would not be any tax increases this year and that Orlando residents pay the lowest tax rate of any major city.

He closed by saying “There was no doubt that the next decade would belong to Orlando”.

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