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Sandy Adams wants answers on delayed Orlando VA Hospital

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Veteran’s day 2009- Apopka FL

In a crowded Wal-Mart there are Veterans from multiple generations and multiple wars assembled to honor each other, and all of the men and women that have served this country. The National Anthem is played and the Pledge of Allegiance recited. Then-Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas declared to all of the veterans in attendance that their new, state of the art hospital would be completed by the summer of 2012. Every former service member in attendance erupted in applause. The elderly veterans, those from WWII, some unable to walk anymore would receive care in a brand new facility. Those who served our country and chose to live the rest of their lives in the finest state in the country, the state of Florida, would see their quality of life improve.

Here we are. And their hospital isn’t going to be ready in 2012. It might not be ready until well into 2013.

Now lawmakers want answers and Central Florida Congresswoman Sandy Adams wants a hearing.

Adams sent this letter to fellow House Rep and VA House Chair Jeff Miller.

Adams sent the following letter to her colleague calling for a hearing regarding VA Hospital setbacks

Part II

Another Central Florida Congressman and potential Adams opponent John Mica visited the site last week. And identified that the project only had a crew of 400 when it required 1100 construction positions.

700 missing construction jobs…In Florida.

Representative Dan Webster? Congresswoman Corrine Brown? You’re voices would be greatly appreciated in this matter.

I will update you with developments on this story as they occur.

  1. […] you’ll recall last week there was a post about the delayed Orlando Veterans Hospital. The one that was promised to be completed this summer and instead is not expected to be completed […]

  2. […] Sandy Adams has been outfront trying to find answers for local veterans regarding the delays of the Orlando VA Hospital. […]

  3. […] Sandy Adams has been “out front” trying to find answers for local veterans regarding the delays of the Orlando VA Hospital construction. […]

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