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Demings attacks Webster for Fundraising in Key Largo

In Uncategorized on March 22, 2012 at 10:30 pm

You wouldn’t take Val Demings as the attack first type but, after weeks of sending out emails attacking Republicans as a whole, she finally took a shot directly at her opponent, Congressman Dan Webster and it wasn’t an email message or quote in the newspaper, it’s a full blown internet attack ad. Take a look.

Tries to be funny but uses ugly footage from those derailed town hall meetings last year. I can’t see why her campaign would want to be associated with those. It also uses footage from a CBS news report but leaves out the segment of the report that concedes that President Obama also makes multiple fundraising stops.

Going negative on Dan Webster isn’t a very good idea. Webster ran a clean campaign in 2010, while a former representative used some creative editing in some of his ads too.

The speech footage in that ad was sliced and diced in the editing room and the truth checkers caught on to it. Alan Grayson’s campaign imploded and Webster cruised to victory.

There is also a question of the message behind the Demings ad. It accuses Webster of giving access to special interest and that’s not exactly fair either. Val Demings already has lobbyist, powerplayers, and big business all over her campaign reports.

If you’re going to call it, call it both ways.

Listen, I’m not a Dan Webster superfan (drastically different personalities) but the ad is not funny, isn’t original, and uses heavily edited news footage.

If you're going after a candidate for fundraising then you're going to be making a lot of ads.

Attacking doesn’t look good on Val Demings (the Limbaugh fundraising push was odd). This ad has political operative fingerprints all over it. She needs to stick to the issues and rally her base.

For now, let’s look at a more accurate version of what a Dan Webster fishing trip is really like.

  1. […] is also a question of the message behind the Demings ad. It accuses Webster of giving access to special interest and that’s not exactly fair […]

  2. Demmings and her husband live in a MILLION DOLLAR ESTATE in an exclusive gated community in Southwest Orlando. Not bad for two “public servants”? Demmings also had her LOADED GUN stolen out of her unlocked SUV in her OWN DRIVEWAY!!! That’s what I call “responsible law enforcement”. GIVE ME A BREAK. If this is the best the Democratic Party can do, BRING BACK ALAN GRAYSON!!!

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