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Adams vs. Mica: Campaigns will be as different as candidates themselves

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The Republican primary in the 7th Congressional district has been receiving national attention recently, and for good reason.

Fellow House Representatives John Mica and Sandy Adams are lining up their campaigns in Florida CD 7, and it’s going to get very personal, very quickly.

The long-time Rep and Transportation chairman vs. the popular Freshman and former state Rep who’s never missed a vote.

Establishment Republicans vs. Tea Party Conservatives

Old School Tradition vs. New School Energy and Enthusiasm

and it’s going to put friends and operatives who, would normally be standing side by side, on opposite teams. Oh, and you will eventually have to pick a side. If not an active role, then at the polls where you’ll cast a vote that will actually make the region weaker when, one of these lawmakers lose.

You might already be feeling the heat. Like last week, when mail from both campaigns hit my home on the same day.

There is a good chance you received mail from the campaigns last week

The strategy and tactics utilized by both campaigns have been as different as the candidates themselves.

Sandy Adams has been on the trail almost non-stop. When she’s not in Washington, she’s pushing a message of urgency and uncertainty to the voters. Holding serious discussions that conditions in the country can get worse if the situation in Washington isn’t stabilized. She’s proud of her background that saw her overcome personal tragedies and values that have allowed her to be where she is now.

She’s also quick to point out she’s defeated wealthier campaigns before.

Adams will have to do it again, and in addition to the smaller things like qualifying by petition (there was one in the envelope). She’ll have a dedicated volunteer corp that will walk sun-up to sun-down for her. Whenever she’s not at an event personally, her campaign manager can be seen talking to voters and party leaders.

John Mica’s message and strategy is going to have the same tone that it’s always had. He’ll recite improvements in the district. He’s going to promote the important appointment he has in Washington that has him playing a role in how America moves. He’s proud of Sunrail and will roll out a full list of accomplishments that occurred on his watch.

Mica will also enjoy a hefty fundraising advantage. He’s got some of the best consultants in the (407) and will be able to run an aggressive campaign through mail and possibly on television.

Both campaigns are quick to point out why they’re running in the same district. They both feel a connection to the 7th and will use maps, facts, and personal history to convince you.

Last week, in the previously mentioned mailer, Adams called Mica a personification of all that was wrong” officially taking the first direct attack on her opponent. She’s also enjoyed the support of bloggers who written scathing pieces against him.

It’s only going to get worse and will be painful political theater to observe.

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