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Friday Morning Political Headlines: Shenanigans in State Attorney Race?

In Uncategorized on May 11, 2012 at 1:17 pm

In what seems like a week dominated by the Orange-Osceola State Attorney contest or “the Casey race”, Friday brings a few different subjects to the table.

The majority of today’s stories are syndicated from the big guys in D.C, about the President’s decision to support Gay marriage.

The lead story however is the 4th veteran journalist to raise suspicions about Joegr Jager’s candidacy in the race. Is he helping out Lawson Lamar? He concentrated his debate strategy on attacking Jeff Ashton. He didn’t have to participate in the forum (he’s the lone Republican and won’t have a primary) and there is a money trail.

The truth is that, if indeed the fix is on, then he won’t be able to keep it up. Only time will tell.

This story leads your Friday morning political headlines.

Orlando Sentinel: Scott Maxwell- In state attorney’s race, both serious and suspicious choices

CF News 13: Exclusive: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus reacts to Obama’s support of same-sex marriage

WOFL Fox 35: Commissioners to vote on domestic partnership ordinance

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (AP) Obama criticizes Romney as ‘backwards on equality’

WKMG Local 6: (CNN)Obama fundraiser at George Clooney’s home nets $15 million

WESH 2: (CNN)Romney Classmate Says Incident Worse Than Prank

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