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Political Stocks Who’s up Who’s Down in O-Town: Walking Time Edition

In Uncategorized on May 21, 2012 at 1:46 pm

If you’re running for office and your campaign hasn’t been walking then, I hope you’ve got a lot of money laying around because normal campaigns that are watching the balance on those bank accounts should be sending out volunteers to GOTV.

It’s this happy time of the year in which we center this edition of political stocks

Who’s Up:

Paul Ryan: The Wisconsin Congressman and Chairman of the budget committee was showcasing his money smarts and media poise on two networks at the same time Sunday morning. They ran both taped interviews simultaneously and for 15 solid minutes voters got to see Ryan knockdown every question asked and easily dispatch of the anti-Romney rhetoric Economist and former Obama cabinet member Austan Goolsbee used.

If he is still being considered for Vice President, there was no better audition than yesterday morning

Bill Nelson: When Dave Weldon entered the race Friday afternoon it meant two things. George Lemieux’s standing as the alternative to frontrunner Connie Mack IV was in danger and Mack IV was going to have to answer the same questions from two opponents with the former Brevard Congressman now in the race. Mack IV is still the favorite but he’s going to have to spend more money fighting off another challenger.

This works in Bill Nelson’s favor. Already the frontrunner in general election polls, Mack IV’s lighter warchest will benefit him in November.

Chris Christie and Cory Booker*: This video has gotten a lot of positive press and it’s helped both the Newark Mayor and New Jersey Governor.

It’s earned Booker nationwide publicity and it’s reinforced Christie’s intentions that he wants the VP nod.

*Booker is taking a beating over his criticism of Obama’s Bain attack strategy but, he’s right.

Holding Steady:

Dan Webster and Val Demings: Both candidates very quiet in recent week. No serious primary challenges will ensure both campaigns save their energy to roll into their eventual collision.

Who’s Down:

Political Operatives: The two biggest stories over the last week have been the re-emergence of the President’s relationship with Reverend Jerimiah Wright and Mitt Romney’s history with Bain Capital. Both attacks fell flat when used in the past so it has many asking, Why are there organizations trying to roll this failed material out again?

George Lemieux: More Florida Senate GOP primary fallout from Weldon’s late entry. The former Senator has thrown every kind of attack possible at Connie Mack IV and he can’t even Mack’s lead. Now, Weldon in the race, Lemieux could watch his support dwindle even further.

Romney’s fallen foes: Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul all reportedly have significant campaign debt and all have become after thoughts in the political landscape.

Ryan’s poise in the media and economical smarts should keep him in the VP conversation

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