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Wednesday Morning Political Headlines: Williams throws at Lamar, Shenanigans at OC Supevisor of Elections?

In Uncategorized on May 30, 2012 at 12:59 pm

Strong content this morning let’s not waste anytime.

State Attorney candidate Ryan Williams threw tremendous criticism towards his boss, longtime incumbent S.A Lawson Lamar. Williams says the Cady Way Murders could have been prevented and the heavy workload in the State Attorney’s office might have allowed the killer to walk free. Williams debated well last time but lacks name ID in the current high profile field that includes Casey Anthony Prosecutor Jeff Ashton and Defense Attorney Joegr Jager. We’ve got video content available on that.

What is going on at the Orange County Supervisor of elections? Another report reveals that mailers are still going out that identify Lui Damiani as the current district 3 commissioner. Damiani was the former commissioner before being replaced after John Martinez was appointed by Governor Rick Scott. Damiani is running for that seat and benefits greatly from the error. There is also a video report on that.

All of this and Romney hits 1144 are in your Wednesday morning political headlines.

WESH 2: (VIDEO) Candidates Level More Criticism At Lamar

CF News 13: Romney clinches nomination, but Trump overshadows

WKMG Local 6: (CNN) Romney hits ‘magic number’ for GOP nomination

Orlando Sentinel: Randolph will not run for re-election, endorses Stewart

WOFL Fox 35: (AFP) Sen. Rubio visits Guantanamo

The Supervisor of Electons might have given Damiani a big assist

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