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CF News 13: Get ready for political presence along I-4 this election

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Here’s some of commentary from CF News 13.


By Scott McDonnell, Reporter


Our own backyard may be the deciding factor on who will be the next President of the United States.

It’s no secret that the I-4 corridor puts the swing in the “swing state” that Floridians live in.

But the way the presidential election is shaping up, our area is becoming more and more pivotal in the race for the White House.

“The I-4 corridor has the possibility of determining the entire presidential election. Right here where we are standing in the middle of the biggest battle ground in the country,” said News 13 Political Analyst Frank Torres.

Florida is already a swing state, North Florida traditionally votes republican, south Florida votes democrat.

However, folks in the i-4 corridor lean both ways, leaving valuable votes up for grabs.

“So that I-4 corridor encased in the biggest battleground swing state in the county makes us so important. That’s why you have candidates making these massive ad buys in the middle of May months before the election,” said Torres.

Along with advertising there will be plenty of visits, and not just from President Obama or Mitt Romney. Torres says expect a rotation of influence.

‘You’ll see President Barack Obama one week, the next week it will be Joe Biden, the week after that it could be Michelle Obama, the week after that it could be Jill Biden,” Torres said.

President Obama wants to have a constant presence in Florida all the way to election day, and the same goes for the Republican ticket.

“‘And get used to seeing some Mitt Romney surrogates. You know your Marco Rubio, your Pam Bondi, other people who have sided with Mitt Romney on that side of the campaign, expect them to be out there campaigning for them too,” said Torres.

The Florida race will be a close one, right now the latest Quinnipiac poll has Mitt Romney ahead in Florida by seven points.

Expect those numbers to fluctuate back and forth along the road to the presidency.

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