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Political Stocks: Who’s Up, Who’s Down in O-Town. Are you Qualified? Edition

In Uncategorized on June 4, 2012 at 8:26 pm

It’ time for another edition of Political Stocks and today we’re going all the way from the Tax Collector’s office to the White House. Let’s Go!

Who’s Up:

State Representative Darren Soto
: With Scott Randolph passing on re-election and termed out State Senator Gary Siplin, Soto has a chance to be the guy for Central Florida Democrats in Tallahassee. Not just “THE” guy as in the lawmaker who can position himself as a leader in the party but, possibly the only guy with the Republican strong hold in the state legislature.

State Attorney Candidate Ryan Williams: Williams had zero name recognition before last week in the State Attorney race. He had been campaigning in the shadow the public giants in this contest. Longtime incumbent Lawon Lamar and Casey Anthony Prosecutor Jeff Ashton. Then he blamed the Cady Way murders on the lack leadership from Lamar in a press conference in front of city hall and almost every TV outlet picked it up. Ashton dogpiled on the accusation and while the validity of the claim can be questioned, for the first time in this race people are talking about Williams.

Holding Steady:

Former State Rep and Senate Candidate Dave Weldon: Weldon has made little noise since entering the GOP primary for Senate a couple of weeks back. Is his campaign for real?

Who’s Down:

Tax Collector Earl K. Wood: This game of political chicken Wood is playing with former Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty is ridiculous. Is he going to run? Is he jockeying for position to get his assistant elected? All of this with revelations that the 95 year old Wood is rarely in the office and questions over whether the office should still exist.

President Barack Obama: The President has had a rough couple of weeks here in the Sunshine State. First were the Q-Poll numbers that have GOP nominee Mitt Romney in the lead here in Florida. Then were the poorly target attack on Romney’s record with Bain Capital, followed by this month’s unemployment numbers which failed to meet projected job creation figures. What is the President going to do to string some political win together?

The President wants to put May behind him a quickly as possible

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