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Crotty bested Wood in Tax Collector game of Political Chicken

In Uncategorized on June 9, 2012 at 7:26 pm

For those who aren’t familiar with the origin of “Chicken” here’s what we’re talking about.

On Friday, former Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty was James Dean (yeah, I know right) and bailed out just in time of the Orange County Tax Collector race.

Orange County Tax Collector Earl K. Wood got his sleeve caught in the door and the 95 year old Wood will have to run for office again in an elected position many feel shouldn’t even exist (myself included).

That is how the game of political chicken ended yesterday between Crotty and Wood.

You see, this was the year Wood was suppose to step down from the position and allow his protege the opportunity to win it. Crotty saw the chance to reenter public service (well paid service) and said he was considering a run. His name ID would make him the heavy favorite.

When Wood heard Crotty was running he wanted back in because “he lives for this kind of thing”. Yesterday, Wood got in, his protege pulled out of the race, Crotty never got it, and here we are.

Crotty played Wood like an Xbox. You can argue that he was never seriously considered running, only he knows.

Also in the Wood car? His assistant’s filing fee which she won’t be able to get back.

Things aren’t all bad for Wood. He never goes to work and he still collects a six figure salary, this has been made public but he’ll probably get re-elected because voters don’t do their homework and the ones that do know will still vote for him because they think it’s funny.

The whole story is ridiculous because somewhere along the line Wood forgot this was an elected position. You can’t blame him for that, he’s been in the office so long, he’s probably been on a conference call with Zaccheus. Still,it’s public service and tax payer dollars going to waste.

Oh well, that’s what’s up. Wood would be 99 years young at the end of this term.

Wood will be heavily favored for re-election again this year

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