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Is Buddy Dyer’s jab at Romney posturing for Guv run in 14′?

In Uncategorized on June 12, 2012 at 10:48 pm

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer doesn’t throw partisan rhetoric around very often. In fact in the last year he’s only done it one other time.

“We’ve got a governor who has done more harm to the state of Florida in the last nine months than any single man in the history of the state of Florida,”- Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer on Florida Governor Rick Scott

Until today, when GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney was visiting Orlando for a rally and fundraiser in the heart of the I4 Corridor. Dyer released this statement (courtesy of CF News 13).

“The Orlando community has had an incredible partnership with President Obama, and that partnership has helped keep Orlando safe by keeping police officers and firefighters on the job. But under Romney’s vision, we would have had a much different result.

If Mitt Romney were in the White House, our community would not have had a helping hand. Romney’s statement that ‘We don’t need more police officers, firefighters and teachers,’ is wrong.

Cutting Police officers and firefighters are not the problem. These are hard-working people who want to make their cities and towns a better place, and they want to make sure every American has a shot at the American Dream and the opportunity to live in a safe, prosperous community.

Mitt Romney may not understand this, but here in Orlando, we appreciate our firefighters. They have our backs, and we have theirs. To say anything otherwise is further proof that Mitt Romney is detached from the reality of what’s going on in Orlando.”

Wow, detached from reality.

Mayor Dyer and President Barack Obama have history. Being Ambassador to the most important region of a President’s re-election campaign and sharing the same political party can build that kind of history. It will even get you a ride on Air Force One with the Commander in Chief.

President Obama and Mayor Dyer on Air Force One earlier this year

It’s also no secret that Dyer’s name has been thrown around in the conversation of potential challengers to Florida Governor Rick Scott in 2014.

Let me ask you this. Is there a better way to put some points on the board in an inevitable Democratic primary than to be instrumental in helping the President win the most important political battleground in the country?

Two partisan shots in one year. One at the Obama for America field office in Orlando and the other today with Mitt Romney in town. It’s not a coincidence. Are we going to see more of this rhetoric coming from Dyer in the coming months? The only political muscle he flexed in 2010 was knocking on doors with Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacob‘s opponent. You saw how that worked out.

Buddy Dyer can beat Nan Rich, I don’t care how you swing it and with recent damaging allegations aimed at former Governor Charlie Crist the runway could be clearing for the Orlando Mayor with the big city vision.

“He delivered Central Florida for President Barack Obama”

Yeah, that can win a Democratic Gubernatorial primary.

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