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In Veepstakes, Who is Best Debate Matchup for Biden? Part II

In Uncategorized on July 2, 2012 at 2:25 pm

Last week, we started this discussion over the best debate match-up for Vice President Joe Biden. This is important because a strong debate performance by a number 2 guy can swing a close election like the one we’re staring at now.

We’ve ruled out those who left no wiggle room (Jeb, Condi, Daniels) and the unfavorable match-ups like Haley, Ayotte, Santorum, and Pawlenty.

Today, let’s talk about the “uncertains” these are candidates that have terrific potential but a hazy uncertainty surrounds their reputations that might make the Romney campaign think twice before asking them to take the bottom of the ticket.

These guys could hit a grandslam or strike out in 3 pitches. Let’s take a look.

The Uncertains:

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez:

This series gave me the opportunity to watch these candidates debate in the minor leagues. There is a lot of tape on Martinez and watching her debate in a smaller market led me to this conclusion.

She reminds me a lot of Alex Sink.

Her words are strong but her poise is suspect. She’s got skills but the sword shakes in her hand.

Could she be coached? Of course. But, it’s uncertain how she’ll debate on national tv with Biden across the stage from her and Wolf Blizter or Brian Williams lobbing questions her way. She’s a longshot choice as is but there are too many question marks when it comes to a one on one Vice-Presidential Debate.

When you listen to Martinez, you think Sink

Ohio Senator Rob Portman:

It’s easy to like Portman but does he have the fire?

He’s got the qualifications, he’s got a high political IQ, he’s got the Washington credentials that would allow him to “step into the job” of President. It’s no wonder why he’s a frontrunner for the nomination.

But he’s boring, he’s boring for weeks that feel like years and you’ve got to wonder if he can bring the excitement. Even if he corners Biden with policy on national TV, can he put the exclamation point on his argument that would make the audience notice? Or would his mild-mannered persona allow everyone to nod at what he’s saying and then get drowned out in the fiery Biden feedback.

No one can say and that’s why he’s an uncertain pick.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio:

What?! What is our Senator from Florida doing on this list!?

He’s got the skills. He’s got the charisma.

Here’s why.

In 2010 we watched Marco Rubio beat up on Charlie Crist a few times but that’s really his whole body of work on the big debate stage. The former Florida Governor had little political equity at the time, his call to go Indy to avoid a primary beatdown compromised all of his views and accomplishments in office. I’ll never forget this debate quote from Rubio.

“You didn’t go Independent because of your beliefs you went independent because you took a poll”

and he was right. Plus, Rubio isn’t perfect on the national stage. He does make the occasional mistake

I’m confident the Junior Senator from Florida would do well, but not confident enough to put him above my next group. The favorables, which you’ll see later this week.

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