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Political Stocks: Who’s up, Who’s down, in O-Town? Post-Healthcare Ruling Edition

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2012 at 3:23 pm

Now that we’ve had a week to digest the monumental Supreme Court Ruling decision that upheld President Barack Obama’s Health Care Plan aka “Obamacare”, it’s time for another edition of political stocks.

Who’s Up:

P.O.T.U.S: If the court had struck down his cornerstone legislation, Republicans would have been able to go to the voters and tell them the first half of his term was a wasted legislative exercise. He’s also opened up a small lead in the polls since NALEO where his appearance in front of the Democratic leaning audience was well received.

Mitt Romney: Why is Romney’s stock rising at the same time as President Obama’s? I’ll give you a reason, in fact I’ll give you 3.5 million reasons. That’s the donation haul the Romney campaign received immediately following the healthcare ruling.

Jim Huckeba: The Bow-Tie Candidate for Orange County Tax Collector has gotten some positive publicity in the recent fiasco involving the race for the office many believe shouldn’t even exist. Huckeba has said he would eliminate the office if elected and the voters are listening.

Huckeba’s message of eliminating the office is earning positive reviews

Holding Steady:

Candidates without a primary: Oh, to be unopposed in August. To be able to quietly raise money and enjoy the candidate spotlight for a few months before the general election.

Who’s Down:

Florida CFO Jeff Atwater: Atwater sent out an email last week that he will never hear the end of. You see, Atwater thought the Healthcare ruling went the other way and sent out a congratulatory email to opponents of the law. You can imagine the fallout went a little like this.

Former Congressman Dave Weldon: I had the opportunity to listen to the GOP Senate candidate on the stump last week and he wasn’t bad. He’s got a few good things to say.

It’s unfortunate that race is basically over and no one is listening.

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