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Interview with Gina Duncan, Candidate for Orange County Commission District 5

In Uncategorized on July 6, 2012 at 2:24 pm

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask Gina Duncan some questions about her campaign for the Orange County Commission District 5 seat. Here is our interview.

FT: How is the campaign going? What is the main concern you’re hearing from voters?

Duncan: The campaign is going very well! I am energized by the response to my campaign message by the voters of District 5! It is hard to say that there is one overriding concern from my voters. The District is so diverse that the issues in Bithlo are certainly different than the issues in College Park. If I could use a very general statement, it would be concerns about quality of life issues.

FT: Was there a particular issue or experience that pushed you to run for the district 5 seat?

Duncan: In studying the incumbent, seeing how disengaged he is from the citizens of District 5 and how he is supported by big business and special interests. The voters of District 5 deserve a Commissioner who is on the ground and involved in the many dynamic communities and their unique issues.

FT: The commission has had some big votes since 2010. Was there one you strongly agreed or disagreed with?

Duncan: Recently, the Inter-local Agreement between the City and County regarding the major venues in Orlando is something I greatly applaud! To take Central Florida to the next level, the City and County must continue to collaborate for the betterment of all its citizens.

FT: If elected, Commissioner Duncan’s biggest goal during her term would be?

Duncan: To bring County Government back to the people. I will hold a town hall meeting each month in all corners of the District so that I will know the concerns of the voters and bring that back to County Government to address. I also will create a District Leadership Council composed of community leaders from all the diverse communities in the District. We will meet to share best practices and work together for the progress of the entire area.

FT: You’re running against an incumbent. Why should the voters make a change in 2012?

Duncan: The incumbent no longer represents the people he was elected to represent. Not only does he represent special interests, he has had to abstain from voting 102 times due to conflicts of interest since taking office! We deserve better!

FT: I try to end interviews on a positive note. What’s been the most rewarding part of your campaign experience so far?

Duncan: All the the amazing, committed people who are dedicating their lives to public service and to make a difference. People like Linda Stewart, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Scott Randolph to name a few. These people inspire me to give back as they are!


Duncan faces current commissioner Ted Edwards in the upcoming election.

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