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Orange County Young Republicans Hob Nob 2012: Straw Poll Results and Photos

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Another election cycle, another terrific Hob Nob by the OCYRs.

Hundreds of voters filled the Varsity Club at the Citrus Bowl to meet elected lawmakers and candidates for office on every level Thursday night in an evening filled with politics, food, and prizes.

Hosted by State Representative Stephen Precourt, the Hob Nob saw top Republican officials in Central Florida addressing the crowd and shaking hands. Honored Guests Daniel Webster and Teresa Jacobs attended as well as Congressman John Mica, and Sandy Adams, State Rep. Scott Plakon, and OC Commissioner Ted Edwards. There was also one Democratic candidate who made the bold decision to spread his message to the members of the opposite party and was well received.

There was also the straw poll that indicated which campaigns had the momentum moving into mid-July.

Let’s break it all down.

John Mica wins Straw Poll in CD7 race:

Congressman John Mica took %70 percent of the voting in the OCYR straw poll. His campaign presence was all over the venue with volunteers at the door and a fully staffed table. He stayed for the entire event and took the opportunity to meet everyone that approached him.

His opponent in this fierce primary, Sandy Adams also attended but only stayed for a short time. Adams also released her endorsement from former VP candidate Sarah Palin last night.

Both candidates have a strong following by the OCYRs and Central Florida Republicans in general. This is only the latest round in a family fight that has Conservatives all over the 7th district taking sides.

Orange-Osceola State Attorney and Democrat Lawson Lamar attends and is well received.

In an equally intense contest candidate Lawson Lamar crossed the line into what some consider enemy territory last night.

With no Republican in the contest everyone will vote in the State Attorney race that pits Lamar against his former prosecutor Jeff Ashton, of the Casey Anthony trial.

Lamar also stayed for the majority of the event and had no problem communicating his non-partisan, crime fighting message to the voters. Ashton was also invited but did not attend. Some of his campaign operatives were seen networking but declined comment to media.

All in all a successful risk for Lamar that saw him earn hundreds of votes outside of his party.

Julius Melendez wins CD 9 Straw Poll:

The fireballer from Kissimmee was able to pull out a straw poll victory over Osceola Commissioner and former State Rep. John “Q” Quinones. The winner of this primary goes to political war with controversial former Congressman Alan Grayson.

Straw Poll Victories

Eric Lasso won his straw poll for Orange County Commission District 3. Kelli Stargel won her contest for State Senate D15, and “The Bow-Tie” Jim Huckeba won the straw poll for Orange County Tax Collector. He’s vowed to eliminate the position and reassign responsibilities in a tax dollar saving initiative.

Here are some photos from the event.

Attendees cast their ballots. Credit to OC Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles for running a fine poll.

State House Candidate Dr. Bob Brooks

Hundreds packed the Varsity Club last night

Jim -the bow tie- Huckeba won his straw poll contest last night

The crowd looks on as the event kicks off

Florida House Rep. Stephen Precourt did a fine job hosting

Guests were treated to food, drink , and a chance to talk issues with candidates

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs

County Commissioner Ted Edwards and OC Property Appraiser Bill Donegan

Congressman John Mica won his straw poll last night

A terrific event that allowed candidates and voters to come together and talk about the issues that affect our everyday lives. Thanks to all that attended and the candidates, sponsors, and guests that made it all possible. On to November!

The brilliant committee of OCYR’s that made it all possible

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