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Thompson, Martinez, stand with Pena in State House 49 race

In Uncategorized on July 17, 2012 at 1:56 pm

As the primaries head full steam into their August 14th conclusions, elected lawmakers and political VIPs will get off of the bench and stand with the candidates they want to see elected.

Florida State House candidate Marco Pena announced the endorsements of Orange County Commissioners Jennifer Thompson, and John Martinez this morning in his competitive Republican primary in the District 49 race.

Thompson ran a great ground and social media campaign in 2010 and has strong name ID in the district. She’s quoted in the release saying “Marco’s proven leadership is what we need to help strengthen our economy, improve education, and make sure our families are safe. His experience in business and healthcare will be important as we get our economy moving forward and improve quality and access in healthcare.”

Martinez is the son of former Senator Mel Martinez and current county commissioner of the other portion of that district. “Marco is very active in the community and understands our needs. Like my family, Marco wants to give back and serve so more Floridians have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.” Martinez is quoted in the release.

Endorsements at this point of the race push undecided voters off the fence and can boost fundraising before the last batches of mail and internet ads are ordered.

Pena faces opposition from Rene “Coach P” Plasencia in a close primary. The winner will most likely face Democrat Joe Saunders in November, who’s done well in fundraising and get’s to share a ballot with Barack Obama in the UCF district.

Pena announced endorsements from Commissioners Jennifer Thompson and John Martinez this morning.

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