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Adams delivers a few chuckles with Mica Attack Ad.

In Uncategorized on August 4, 2012 at 1:43 pm

Congresswoman Sandy Adams is a fairly serious person. A career in law enforcement can make you that way. So, it’s a surprise when the funniest ad we’ve seen in a while comes from her campaign.

Adams is of course, going toe to toe with fellow House Rep. and longtime incumbent John Mica. The two haven’t pulled punches lately with Mica launching his own TV ad against Adams a couple of weeks back. Redistricting caused this political duel, and the race has earned national attention, as the Establishment vs. Tea Party following between the two camps are clear.

It’s good to see a decent ad especially after the duds we’ve seen from Bill Nelson and Jeff Ashton recently.

Take a look.

That’s kinda funny.

The serious voice over, paired with the “South Park” treatment is amusing. You’ve got President Barack Obama thanking Mica and in a Republican primary that’s kryptonite.

Weeee! Mica straddling Sunrail with a big ol smile got a laugh out of me. The toupee was a little on the mean side but that’s the kind of contest it’s been. This isn’t a truth test so, we won’t dock Adams on the Sunrail point the ad tries to make.

Then we’ve got a repeat of President Obama thanking Mica, followed by Mica crammed into a toll booth with intentions of “making it rain” somewhere. This is a jab at the proposed “Lexus Lanes” Mica has hinted at looking at for I4.

The ad finishes using the opponent’s own words “I’m your best cheerleader”. We don’t know what the context was and the President wasn’t listening but it’s an effective ad soundbyte.

Yeah, so that happened.

The fact checkers could probably rip the ads to shreds but that’s not what the Awww snap meter is. It’s the humor and impression the ad makes, and this ad succeeds as painting John Mica as a big spending, Obama supporter.

And it’s funny, both from someone who might be supporting Adams and almost endearing humor at the expense of Mica. Those who have spent anytime around the longtime Winter Park Congressman might know what I’m talking about.

I just want to tell everyone that I’m YOUR best cheerleader. Have a great day!

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  3. […] hilarious and using the “South Park” treatment that Sandy Adams used against John Mica this year it not only entertains but hammers home it’s talking […]

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