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Grayson following 2010 election script in 2012 with attacks on “Q”

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Do you guys remember this?

You should. It was the ad that lost Alan Grayson his 2010 re-election bid.

The “Taliban Dan” ad was a heavily edited monstrosity that leveled the Grayson campaign with national criticism over the editing in the piece and the over the top message presented to the voters. The mark in that ad current House Rep. Dan Webster‘s words were taken from a speech when he was in fact, praising his wife and their longtime marriages.

There was a big bold line Alan Grayson had to cross to greenlight that ad, he walked right over it and he took a double digit beatdown on election night.

You learn from mistakes and you move on right? That’s what we’re all taught from our families and teachers. In the Army you do reviews after each exercise to ask yourself what worked and what didn’t. This is a practice the Alan Grayson operation is unfamiliar with.

Like Dan Webster, John Quinones was a late-comer to the race. Like Webster, he brings a history in Tallahassee with him and is the softest spoken candidate in his CD 9 Republican primary. And like Webster, he’s following the model that beat Alan Grayson in 2010.

At least, Webster was allowed a primary victory before having to deal with the Grayson media ad machine. Check out this mess.

The Gall! The Nerve! The Audacity! Who’s writing this junk?!

A Quinones primary victory isn’t exactly a lock either. While, he’s the unofficial frontrunner, he’s still gotta take on Julius Melendez and Todd Long Tuesday. His victory isn’t as clear as Webster’s win in the 2010 Republican primary. If he’s trying to meddle, because he thinks Melendez will be an easier match-up, he’s also wrong because groups will rally around whoever the nominee is to keep Grayson out of Washington.

Let’s put this garbage on the Aww Snap Meter.

The production value is good but, that’s never been a problem with Grayson ads. He’s got millions in personal wealth to spend.

The rhetoric is stale, no use of candidate’s own words or Grayson’s, the sources are microscopic (a sign they don’t want research done), the script is junk, and the last slide is mocking John Q’s traditional hat which could be offensive in the Hispanic heavy Congressional 9th.

Don’t even get me started on the radio counterpart which offers a stinger that Alan Grayson worked with Ron Paul to audit the fed. That bi-partisan coupon expired years ago and it’s the only one he’s got.

Boring concept, Bad script, Generic grapics

So, Alan Grayson is following the 2010 script that led to his ejection from Congress in 2010. We’ll see a dozen more attack ads from his camp aimed and John “Q” and they’ll get edgier and push the envelope each time.

That’s if John “Q” wins his primary otherwise this will be viewed as an epic waste of campaign funds and that itself will be a story.

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