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Paul Ryan was the Right Choice for Romney

In Uncategorized on August 11, 2012 at 1:54 pm

This morning when Mitt Romney introduced Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate he took one step closer to victory in November.

During the Veepstakes series on this blog, he was one of the most favorable matches to stand across the stage from Vice-President Joe Biden and to bring something more the ticket. This guy is the truth folks, and over the next few months he’s going to make this presidential election about actual numbers and solutions. In the hurricane of rhetoric we walk through everyday, Paul Ryan is going to bring everyone back down to earth and have a real discussion over what this country’s future is going to look like.

Here are some other positives from the Ryan pick.

He’s the anti-Sarah Palin pick: Ryan is as cool as a block of ice in the media spotlight. He’s a veteran of the Sunday talkers and dispatches the President’s advisors in debate on a regular basis. He answers the tough questions without flinching and he’s charismatic enough to grab the attention of the independents. He could be one of the best media trained politicians in the country. There will be no Katie Couric moments with this guy.

He’s a Policy Guy: This guy can talk numbers, he can talk procedure, he can go back and forth with complicated legislation. Forget Biden, if he had to, he could debate policy with President Obama himself. This guy is Chairman of the House Budget committee. Do you guys know how much analytical procedure goes into that? Ryan has got one of the highest political IQs in the country.

He will bring it to Joe Biden: The Vice-President looks like an out of control, hot head next to Paul Ryan. Their deliveries, speech, and cadence. Biden had the luxury of being able to sit back for most of the 08′ campaign while the media went after Palin and McCain floated away down the stretch. He won’t be able to do that this time. There will be a televised debate and Biden will have to lace up the gloves this time.

Finally, the speculation is over and after the primaries on Tuesday, we’ll have a clear picture of what the match-ups will look like in November.

Republicans should feel great about this pick.

The Paul Ryan pick will make this race about hard hitting solutions the voters want.

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  3. […] Morning! Are you excited about Tuesday? I am, in fact Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan got us all hyped up and now we’ve got this 48 hour window to deal […]

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