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Mica, Ashton, and Long Win Primary Night Races

In Uncategorized on August 15, 2012 at 1:50 am

Tonight was the night for John Mica, Jeff Ashton, and Todd Long.

Mica, the longtime incumbent was able to defeat freshman Congresswoman Sandy Adams in a national primary that pitted the fellow popular housemembers against each other. In a classic matchup of Establishment vs. Tea Party, Mica used his fundraising advantage and name ID to run a strong, well rounded campaign that displayed superiority on the lawns and television of D7 Voters.

An era ended tonight as Orange-Osceola attorney Lawson Lamar met defeat by one of his Lieutenants. Casey Anthony Prosecutor Jeff Ashton took his celebrity, the book deals, the rob lowe movies, and the media tour and used it to beat his boss. You can’t give all of the credit to the Casey trial. Ashton is a longtime prosecutor and takes that experience into office.

The dark horse in the Congressional District 9 primary Todd Long found victory in the 9th Congressional Republican primary. Long beat Osecola Commissioner and State Rep. John Quinones, School Board Member and war vet Julius Melendez, and Businessman Mark Oxner. Long will go on to face controversial ex-congressman Alan Grayson. You can give Grayson the assist in this one. He spent over 100k in negative ads. Still Long is a good candidate and the party should unite behind him.

Much more analysis to come tonight!

  1. […] brought high drama with conclusions to Mica vs. Adams, Ashton vs Lamar, and just the beginning of Todd Long vs. Alan Grayson but there was a lot of other action out […]

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