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Political Stocks: Whos Up, Whos Down in O-Town: Post Primary, Pre-Tampa Edition

In Uncategorized on August 20, 2012 at 2:30 pm

Let’s do Political Stocks! The week after primaries are always a good time to examine trends, and with the Republican convention in town next week, we can expect even more movement in the coming weeks.

Who’s Up:

The Home Team at the RNC: Rubio, Bondi, Mack IV, Jeb, and even you too Governor Rick Scott will get the opportunity to shine in the Republican event of year. Lawmakers, candidates, delegates, and everyone who is anybody will head the Tampa next week for the convention and it will be the perfect opportunity for Florida rising stars to make an impression. The convention also presents Connie Mack IV a prime chance to fundraise. He’s got the big November showdown with Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. What about Marco Rubio? Will he bring the house down and plant the seeds for a Prez run down the road?

The RNC presents a huge fundraising opportunity for the GOP Senate Candidate

Municipal Incumbents: With Ted Edwards winning re-election last week, incumbent on the Orange County Commission and the Orlando City Council are undefeated. Edwards along with fellow OC Commish Scott Boyd (unopposed), along with Orlando City Commissioners, Patty Sheehan, Tony Ortiz, Sam Ings all survived re-election. Don’t forget about Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer who beat back a trio of challengers. The power of incumbency is more prevalent than ever, especially at the local level.

Alan Grayson: For $125K he got to pick his general election opponent. Now, local favorite Todd Long will have to shout above the Grayson media hurricane (in two languages) to convince the voters in the 9th district that he’s the better choice. It’s not impossible but it’s an uphill climb.

Who’s Down?

Congressman Cliff Stearns: What the heck happened in North, Central Florida last week? The longtime incumbent was beaten by horse doctor and Tea Party Favorite Ted Yoho, and stole headlines all over the country.

Gary Siplin: For the first time in a longtime, there isn’t going to be a Siplin in Tallahassee. The termed out controversial State Senator has been under the microscope in recent weeks for mailers that may or may not have violated ethics rules with multiple photographs of his wife Victoria, who was running to replace her husband in the state senate. She lost last week to former State Rep. Geraldine Thompson.

Vice-President Joe Biden: The gaffe-prone Veep has had a rough couple of months and now there are rumors that two weeks ago, there were talks about Biden stepping down. He’s still got to debate Paul Ryan and in a tight race, can the President count on Biden to hold on to the football?

The Vice-President needs to remain error free for the remainder of the campaign

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