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Demings to Webster: Let’s debate 3 times, on TV

In Uncategorized on August 23, 2012 at 9:25 pm

UPDATE: Dan Webster has agreed to debate. Details to be negotiated between the campaigns. Story Here

Former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings is on the offensive.

For the second time in a little over 24 hours Demings is calling out her opponent in the 10th Congressional district, incumbent House Rep. Dan Webster. This time it’s a debate challenge that calls for 3 televised events held by non-partisan organizations within the district.

Yesterday, Demings held a press conference in front of the Orlando Police Department that she led for several years declaring that Webster has not been accountable and holding events where voters can’t ask challenging questions.

Last year, Webster was ambushed at a town hall by members of activists organizations holding statewide event rushes and his district office had some of the same activists dressed as zombies protesting the budget talks in Washington. The number of his town halls have since decreased.

This challenge however, is good for voters.

It will give the opportunity for them to watch Demings discuss national issues like the economy, education, and energy, something she couldn’t do as Chief of Police. This will be a good test of her political IQ.

For Webster it will provide him the opportunity to take the debate stage for the first time as a congressional candidate. In 2010 Alan Grayson insisted on bringing in a faux Tea Party candidate with alleged ties to his campaign, and another independent. Webster declined. Grayson beat down the two other opponents but lost the Winter Garden lawmaker anyways.

Some of the non-partisan groups include Tiger Bay, AARP, and should also draw interests from several of the television media organizations in town. The political math also needs to add up. If the Webster campaign believes it can win without debating, the cautious lawmaker will pass.

Let’s hope we get at least one opportunity to watch these two candidates slug it out.

Val Demings has challenged her opponent Dan Webster to 3 debates

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