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Sunday Morning Political Headlines: TS Issac delays RNC until Tuesday

In Uncategorized on August 26, 2012 at 1:15 pm

Last night, RNC officials along with Florida Governor Rick Scott decided to delay the start of the Republican National Convention until Tuesday.

On Monday, party leaders will convene and then immediately recess until the following day.

This means more time for parties for the attendees and less of those pesky actual RNC events that can often get in the way. It also means more condensed speeches and a streamlined convention program.

Florida Governor Rick Scott will cancel his RNC speech and head to Tally to monitor the storm from he state capital. The Governor is making the right call by skipping the convention to monitor the storm, many other Governors have made the mistake of deciding to do the opposite.

This morning we’ve got an RNC preview along with a great discussion over Paul Ryan, medicare, and the budget. Otherwise, the rest of your headlines are all Issac and RNC.

See you tomorrow.

CF News 13: Political Connections. RNC Previews 11am and 8pm

WKMG Local 6: (VIDEO) Budget, Medicare discussed on ‘Flashpoint’

Orlando Sentinel: Isaac could spawn tornadoes in Central Florida

WESH 2: (CNN) GOP delays start of convention until Tuesday

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Republican National Convention delayed due to Isaac

WOFL Fox 35: (AP) GOP delays convention business due to Isaac

The RNC has been delayed until Tuesday and Governor Scott will pass on the event to monitor the storm

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