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Florida Faces tough to find at DNC

In Uncategorized on September 4, 2012 at 1:44 pm

As the DNC prepares to kick into high gear tonight in Charlotte, the question on the minds of many Floridians who decided to explore the convention coverage outside of the 10-11 hour hour will be many.

Where are the Floridians?

It’s a fair question. And while Central Florida voters can’t expect local Democrats to be featured at every turn like Florida Republicans were last week in Tampa, they should be able to find a few names from the Sunshine State scheduled to speak. Shouldn’t they?

They should but won’t.

Instead Floridians should only expect the presence of their own to be prominently featured and get this, one of them technically isn’t even a Democrat…yet.

There is Florida Democratic National Committee Chairwoman and Weston Congresswoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz, this isn’t a fresh presence but instead one that featured on cable television almost everyday and rumored to be under fire should her performance on national television not improve. She’ll be speaking and should be okay among the party faithful and in an attack dog capacity. She can’t afford a bad week in Charlotte.

Next is Republican turned Independent and eventually expected to swing Democrat and Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist (Your boy). He’ll be that speaker that will testify that he has “seen the light” and left the GOP and will probably go on to destroy the policies of all of his former friends that helped get him elected in the first place. Crist endorsed Senator Bill Nelson in his Florida Senate race against Connie Mack IV earlier this year, and President Obama weeks after that. Those nods earned him a ticket to Charlotte and a speaking slot. It won’t be long before he changes party affiliation and takes a long look at challenging current Florida Governor Rick Scott for his old job. watching in the audience? Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer who, makes a strong case for the job, has a good relationship with President Obama, and will be attending the convention as one of the state’s delegates.

That’s it. That’s all Florida gets and none of those speakers will be on the 10pm shows and will be lucky if there mentioned on any of the coverage the following morning.

In fairness, it’s not the end of the world and the convention is in North Carolina, not Florida but, the trend of party recruiting continues to swing in RPOF’s favor. Convention planners would have been wise to pick a rising star from the biggest political battleground in the country instead of their current keynote speaker Julian Castro, a Mayor from the “safe red” lone star state of Texas.

The NFL kicks-off this week, the new jobs report comes out on Friday morning, and no friendly faces to keep Floridians company until President Obama takes the convention stage and makes his case for re-election.

Jeb Bush mentioned that the President was dealt a bad hand last week. His own party just handed him another weak card, he’ll have to find a way to play in Charlotte this week.

The former Governor will be on of the few familiar faces for Floridians in Charlotte

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