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Thursday Morning Political Headlines: President Obama, Charlie Crist speaks at DNC Tonight

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What has been an eventful two weeks of convention coverage will come to a close tonight when President Barack Obama addresses the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Others scheduled to speak? Vice-President Joe Biden and former Republican Governor of Florida Charlie Crist.

Needless to say it’s not going to be boring.

The President has to follow in the steps of former President Bill Clinton who’s closing speech last night received rave reviews and gave Obama the photo opp many believed will capture the attention of Independent voters and deliver him a November win.

President Obama’s time behind the podium might be the second most stressful block of time on Thursday night. First, he’s got to listen to Vice-President Biden’s introduction and hope the gaffe prone second in command doesn’t say anything the media or Republicans can use against him.

The third most interesting speaker of the evening, at least for Florida politicos will be former Governor Charlie Crist. The former Republican, currently Independent, soon to be Democrat, ex-leader of the Sunshine State made headlines by endorsing Obama the day before the RNC started last week on his home turf. The eyes of Florida’s powerful will be paying extra attention to the way Crist is positioning himself and any indications he might challenge current Governor Rick Scott for his old job. Someone else who might be interested at challenging Scott? Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer who is a Florida delegate and will be in attendance for that speech.

The finale of the DNC leads your Thursday morning political headlines.

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Bill Clinton fires up Dems before Obama’s speech

Charlie Crist takes to the DNC stage tonight

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(Video) Bill Clinton: You bet we’re better off!

Is Dyer eying governor’s office? He won’t rule it out

Orlando Sentinel: Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer considering 2014 run for governor

WOFL Fox 35: (Video) One on one interview with Paul Ryan

WKMG Local 6: (CNN) Obama to speak after forceful Clinton endorsement

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (AP) Obama advisers don’t expect big bounce in polls

Does this picture elect a Governor in Florida?

Or does this one?

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