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DNC Review Pt. III: Obama Sets High Expectations, Crist Slams GOP

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Democrats could drive away from Charlotte, North Carolina last night feeling good about the unity of their party and ready to go to work to re-elect President Barack Obama in November.

The Democratic National Convention concluded last night with big speeches from former nominee John Kerry, Vice President Joe Biden, and of course President Barack Obama himself.

There was also a former Florida lawmaker that stole headlines and we’ll get to him.

Vice-President Biden behaves and delivers: There is certainly a lot to be worried sending Joe Biden out there on prime-time television with a race this close. In case you haven’t heard, he’s known to get a little “passionate” about the campaign and President Obama. The Veep spoke well with no major incidents and went a little light on the attacks. He spoke to the Blue-Collar crowd that supported him during his runs for the top office in 2008 and touched on all of the issues. Once again, he mentioned the President’s mental toughness and ability to make the tough call. He got several standing ovations and walked off stage without incident speaking exactly as a Vice-President should.

President Obama sets high second term goals: When copies of the President’s speech went out to media a few hours before the event, both sides got excited. Democrats saw political poetry, a beautifully painted picture of what could be, stories that could reinvigorate the most fatigued Obama supporters from 08′. Republicans saw a wish list that was difficult to take seriously given the President’s first term. When he walked out on the stage, after a great introduction by Michelle, the arena erupted as thousands of supporters rose to their feet to support the man they still believed in.

President Obama laid out methodically his goals, should he be re-elected. More manufacturing jobs, a successful deployment of his health care plan, and a tax plan that would make the rich “pay their fair share”. He was sure to draw a thick black line between himself and Mitt Romney, there was his future and their was his opponent’s. He didn’t attack the man as much as he attacked his vision for American compared with his and for a few minutes, he captured that magic from the convention from four years ago and when he was finished, you had better believe his supporters were refreshed and ready to knock on a thousand doors, and make a thousand phone calls.

The fight has been going on for a few months but last night, the President really laced up his gloves.

Charlie Crist turns on his friends: The former Governor of Florida didn’t just burn every bridge he had left with his former party, he called in an airstrike and turned those bridges into dust. In a display of the worst kind of political opportunism, Crist went on stage in front of thousands of Democrats, put Ronald Reagan, Jeb Bush, and every other Republican he once called an ally on blast. All of it in exchange for a lukewarm reception in front of politically savvy Democrats and a Florida delegation that knows they can put a better candidate on the field. Crist will be touring the state with President Obama this weekend. Hopefully, Democrats will nominate a candidate that has been loyal to their party for more than a few months.

Gabby Giffords inspires a country: The former Arizona Congresswoman who was the victim of a cowardly shooting brought thousands to their feet and to tears with her strength and courage. Giffords gave the pledge of allegiance yesterday evening and everyone no matter of party affiliation or political motivation remembered what this country was really about.

Lets give out some awards.

Best Speech: Bill Clinton really came through for the “D’s” this time around. He was charming, took people back to the 90’s, and through in the right facts that appealed to Independent voters, not just anything he could think of.

Runner Up: Michelle Obama. The First Lady was friendly, humble, and did a fine job warming up the convention for the speakers that would take a harsher, partisan tone.

Best Speech No One Saw: Joe Biden. The DNC organizers thought Biden would be a political liability that would say something that could be used against the President. They were wrong and the Veep gave a good speech before the national audience tuned in at 10.

Worst Speech: Charlie Crist. This guys destroyed POTUS on Florida Statewide television in 2010 before Rubio forced him out of the party and he gets first class at the DNC? You guys can do better.

Best Joke: Bill Clinton. “He even appointed Hilary!” The popular two termer talking about President Obama appointing Hilary Clinton the Secretary of State.

The Democrats got it done in Charlotte. It’s time for debates and while both conventions were successful, Debates tend to make a bigger impression on the probable voters.

This was the sight that brought all Democrats to their feet in Charlotte

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