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Children’s Home Society of Florida Candidate Forum 2012

In Uncategorized on September 13, 2012 at 2:03 pm

The Children’s Home Society of Central Florida is a terrific organization that provides or supports hundreds of programs that helps thousands of children in the state every year. Last night they sponsored a candidate forum that allowed those running for office to talk about education, children’s safety, and a lot of other family issues that you don’t hear very often on the campaign trail.

Hosted by the Orlando Sentinel’s Scott Maxwell, over a dozen candidates took the floor for a few minutes to explain what they would do to help Children in the region.

One interesting trend is the amount of teachers running for office. There were 4 educators (5 if you included Kolb’s Karate School) at the forum. They obviously have first hand knowledge of the subject and did a fine job speaking on the topic. Almost all of the candidates agreed that the government wasn’t doing enough on the state or national levels to support education and child services. Some of them slammed the FCAT with one candidate calling it an “Evil, evil, test!”. The other issues varied from kids not having access to eye care that could help their studies to measures that could be taken at home to protect them from inappropriate content on the internet, it was a unique forum on a topic that sadly, you might not hear about again for the rest of the election cycle.

It was a great event that I was happy to attend and on the campaign angle there were direct competitors speaking like Plakon and Castor-Dentel, and candidates that you might not hear from if you don’t venture out towards other areas of Central Florida. I’ve attached website links to all of the candidates that participated last night.

LeAnne Kolb, US House District 5
Jason Kendall US House District 7
Shannon Roberts US House District 8
Fritz Seide, Fl Senate District 12
Mike Clelland, Fl House District 29
Karen Castor-Dentel, Fl House District 30
Scott Plakon, Fl House District 30
Carol Castagnero, Fl House District. 39
Art Otero, Fl House District 43
Bob Brooks, Fl House District 47
Sean Ashby, Fl House District 50
Pete Clarke, Orange County District 3
Vicky Bell, Orange County School Board

I’d like to interview any of the above candidates, if you’re interested, send me an email!

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