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“Wake me up when September ends” Why Mitt Romney is losing Florida

In Uncategorized on September 27, 2012 at 2:45 pm

September hasn’t been kind to the Romney campaign.

There were the ill received remarks on Libya, that had some thinking that he pounced to soon on the poor security conditions overseas. There was the dreaded 47% tape of Romney addressing donors, at a fundraiser just down the road in southern Florida. Then there is the enthusiasm gap in the conservative media. Columnist like Peggy Noonan from the Wall Street Journal and Laura Ingram on national radio voicing concerns over the direction of the campaign.

He’s getting his tail handed to him in political battlefields like Ohio and Michigan (where he was born). In states where he was only a few points back in previous months, President Obama has opened up a significant lead heading into the debates next month.

Worst of all, Romney’s grip is slipping here in Florida. No one has seen him in Orlando in a long while.

Why is Mitt losing Florida? A state where unemployment is higher than the national average. A state that has a healthy Tea Party, in pockets throughout the state. The Sunshine State, where the space shuttle program is gone and gas prices are high.

Here is why.

The President woke up his base: Everyone is paying attention now. Weekly visits from the presidential rotation that includes POTUS, FLOTUS, Biden, and even Bill Clinton have most of the President’s 2008 supporters awake and refreshed. The celebrities are off the bench with Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, and even NBA Coach Doc Rivers getting on the stump for the Obama campaign. Wait until the robo-calls start if they haven’t already.

They don’t trust him: One of the demons Romney has been fighting since he was debating last year in the primary was the issue of trust. That 47% tape confirmed the suspicions of skeptical swing voters.

“He doesn’t know us”

Then there are the Hispanic voters that haven’t had a strong GOP message delivered to them. If the Romney campaign can’t package a strong message in English, what the heck makes them believe they can do it in Spanish?

He’s not using Ryan, and Ryan does Romney better than Romney anyways
: Take a look

In all fairness Paul Ryan was in Orlando last week but, the Romney campaign hasn’t been using him the way they should. I understand they don’t want another “Palin” situation that allows the spotlight to veer away from Romney, but Ryan is a sharp guy, a midwestern communicator that can breakdown the economy in a digestible manner for everyday people. They need to use him more and they need to put him in some ads.

He’s hard to like: Yeah, I know about the “Who would you rather have a beer with?” non-sense but, Mitt Romney won the primary because voters believed he gave them the best opportunity to beat President Obama, not because he was necessarily the most popular.

Now we’ve found out that his “human” side hasn’t been hidden but, perhaps has never existed at all. It’s just not the way he’s wired.

This guy isn’t a big sports fan, doesn’t watch television, or drink beer. While, many don’t believe that’s a job requirement to lead the country (I’m one of them) it still matters to the Americans that want to know their leader can get fired up and passionate about the country. They want a President that they can not only follow but, love and if Romney can’t convince the voters that he cares about them, then they’re not going to care about him.

There was a reason Republicans begged Chris Christie and Jeb Bush to run, and why they clung on to Rick Santorum for so long. They had the ability to use their passion to inspire, and inspired supporters are the ones who will walk neighborhoods until their feet are sore, their skin is sunburned, and their bodies are dehydrated. Inspired supporters will take that energy and use it to convince the undecided, because they’ve got the emotion and they’ve got the conviction to sell the candidate’s vision.

I’m not sure Romney can do that.

Romney is losing in multiple swing states because he can’t inspire, articulate, or earn trust

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