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Wednesday Morning Political Headlines: Halloween Headlines

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Happy Halloween.

It’s just a harmless holiday but the fear is very real for the candidates running for office in Florida and the approaching elections that are just 6 days away.

In the race to be your next President, both campaigns kick it back to high gear for a sprint to the finish. We’ve got GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Vice President Joe Biden in the state. First Lady Michelle Obama will be in Daytona Friday.

Here are your Wednesday morning political headlines. Have a great day!

WESH 2: Video Double Play!

(Video) FDLE to investigate Sheriff Demings’ crime stats

(Video) Truth Test: Did Dentel break elections, ethics laws?

CF News 13: Campaign back on, Romney, Biden kicks off Florida blitz

WKMG Local 6: Poll: Romney gaining ground in Florida

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (AP) Romney moves to reframe debate on abortion, autos

WOFL FOX 35: Aides say Obama to resume campaigning with stops in Nevada, Colorado, Wisconsin on Thursday

Orlando Sentinel: Orange leaders agree to look at bigger pedestrian plans for convention center area

Bill Nelson vs. Connie Mack IV Senate Race Preview

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Here is your preview of the race for United States Senate between Democrat Bill Nelson and Republican Connie Mack IV.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres and today we’re talking about the race for U.S Senate between Democrat Bill Nelson and Republican Connie Mack IV. Wow, so much to say about this race. Let’s start with Connie Mack’s route. Connie Mack entered the Senate race fairly late, he entered an underwhelming field of candidates, that left Republicans looking for another alternative. You had George Lemieux who was up for a little while in the race, you had Adam Hasner who is currently running for Congress in the southern part of the state, you had Craig Miller who lost a Republican primary after he checked down. And a couple of others, so it was an underwhelming field. When Connie Mack jumped in, he took over the primary, like I said before, Hasner and Miller checked down to Congressional races, and he eventually wore down George Lemieux, he couldn’t keep up with the fundraising, momentum, or anything else, so Connie Mack was able to win his primary fairly easy because there really was no strong opposition, he didn’t have to debate, he didn’t have to do anything, his campaign was accused of being arrogant, of not having the hunger, well, it was an easy primary for him, so it was easy to see how those accusations could come about. As soon as the general election came along, the game changed, Bill Nelson has been ahead in polling the entire time, I believe at the time of this recording he still is ahead in polling and he still is favored to win this race, in the one debate they had (it was a very underwhelming debate) Bill Nelson had the edge, not so much in substance, or even style, but the general short format of the debate favored Bill Nelson. I believe the Presidential race will weigh heavily on this Senate race. If President Obama wins there is going to be a pretty good chance that Bill Nelson wins, if Mitt Romney wins, well, Bill Nelson still might have a shot but, it will help Mack some. The polling has closed up a little bit. Mack is what I would slightly say outside of striking distance. But, it’s not over yet, we’ll see if Connie Mack can make some magic happen over these next 10 days, but he has to be the underdog moving forward. On the grand scheme of things, on the national level, Republicans trying to take back the Senate, they already have the house, imagine if they can win the Presidency and sweep the entire thing, so this race is really important and I expect Connie Mack to step it up, he’s got a job ahead of him, he’s the underdog moving forward, Bill Nelson is favored to win, a race the whole country will be watching, make sure to do your homework on this one, for Florida Politics with Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

Can Mack IV pull off an upset?

Tuesday Morning Political Headlines: With 7 Days Left, Sandy Slams into East Coast

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All Presidential politics are currently on hold while the Northeast deals with the massive “Superstorm” Hurricane Sandy.

Both President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney, cancelled appearances yesterday out of respect for those in the region that are expected to be with out power for extended periods of time and will return to homes that have suffered severe flood damage.

They will both resume campaigning tomorrow. Both Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama will attend multiple events here in Florida and the Romney/Ryan ticket will be expected later in the week.

Here are your Tuesday morning political headlines with an emphasis on Sandy.

WOFL FOX 35: (Video) At UCF Obama rally, President Clinton touts metro Orlando

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Sandy slams ashore in New Jersey; storm will bring cold weather to central Fla.

WKMG Local 6: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan cancel campaign stops citing Sandy

WESH 2: (Video) Obama cancels Orlando visit ahead of Sandy’s landfall; Clinton speaks on UCF campus

CF News 13: Sandy forces political pause with 7 days left

Orlando Sentinel: Orange candidates spar over death, taxes

John Mica vs. Jason H. Kendall Congressional District 7 Race Preview

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Here is your race preview for Congressional district 7 between Democrat Jason H. Kendall and Republican John Mica. Here is the interview with Kendall that I mentioned in the webcast.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres. Today, we’re talking about Congressional district 7, the race between Republican John Mica and Democrat Jason H. Kendall. John Mica, 20 something year incumbent, Chairman of the House Transportation Committee, the list goes on and on and on. Who hasn’t heard of John Mica? Mica of course coming off of that hard fought primary against fellow house Rep. Sandy Adams, that was a nationally covered primary, a hard fought primary, ultimately he was able to break away and cruise to victory on primary night. Jason H. Kendall, the underdog, THE underdog of underdogs, he’s actually interviewed on this blog before, I’ll go ahead and post a link to that interview, and he knows it, going against the Mica juggernaut, he is going to be at a severe disadvantage, with Name ID, fundraising, campaign presence, this is a very one-sided race inside of a very red district. John Mica, I believe the toughest part of his campaign is already over, I believe he’ll roll to victory on November 6th and represent this district for another term in congress, and there are a lot of projects going on right now, you’ve Sunrail which he was a major advocate on, and we know he’s not done. Jason H. Kendall, a good candidate in the wrong district, Mica an almost legendary name in Central Florida Politics, as far as congressional representation is concerned, he’ll win in November and he’ll represent us for another term in Congress, for Florida Politics with Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

Monday Morning Political Headlines:Obama Cancels Orlando Visit, Back to D.C to watch Sandy

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It’s a nippy Monday morning here in Orlando. Nippy is good especially with Hurricane Sandy preparing to hit the Northeast.

It was Sandy that forced President Barack Obama to cancel his appearance at a UCF rally today. He was suppose to appear alongside former President Bill Clinton in possibly his last Orlando appearance before next Tuesday’s election. The event itself is not canceled however, Clinton will still speak to what is sure to be an excited audience.

This breaking news sweeps your Monday morning political headlines

WKMG Local 6: Hurricane Sandy forces Barack Obama to cancel Orlando campaign stop

WESH 2: Obama cancels Orlando visit ahead of Sandy’s landfall

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Obama cancels UCF appearance to monitor Hurricane Sandy

CF News 13: Pres. Obama cancels appearance at UCF rally

WOFL FOX 35: (AP) Obama cancels Florida campaign trip & returns to DC due to Hurricane Sandy

Orlando Sentinel: President Obama cancels UCF visit

The President will return to Washington to monitor Sandy

Sunday Morning Political Headlines:

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Good Morning!

It’s going to be a beautiful Sunday and we’re now in the single digits leading up to election day.

Today, we’ve got Mitt Romney’s visit to Kissimmee. The former Massachusetts Governor was on the stump here in the I4 corridor where he’s opened up a small lead according to some polls.

Local TV brings us a review on the amendments that voters will have to make a call on at the polls. We’ve got a link to a great discussion on that.

Finally, I’ll be doing my analysis on the last Presidential debate, the latest on the Florida Senate Race, and new poll numbers on Political Connections.

Have a great Sunday and go vote! Polls are open!

CF News 13: Double Play!

Political Connections at 130pm and 730pm on CF News 13.

Mitt Romney taking swing through Sunshine State Saturday

WKMG Local 6: Double Play!

(Video) ‘Flashpoint’ focuses on amendments

Romney, Rubio stump in Kissimmee

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Mitt Romney campaigns in Kissimmee

WESH 2: (VIDEO) Romney takes stage with Rubio in Kissimmee

WOFL FOX 35: Big storm scrambles presidential race schedules

Orlando Sentinel: Romney in Kissimmee: I’ll inspire Americans’ heroic natures

Early voting has begun!

Saturday Morning Political Headlines: Romney, Rubio in Kissimmee

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Happy Saturday!

Romney/Rubio..gotta wonder how things would be if that was the call the former Massachusetts governor made but anyways, Those two will be taking their message to what many believe is an Obama stronghold in Kissimmee, but polls show the state swinging in Romney’s favor and now is the time to reach all voters.

President Obama and Bill Clinton will be at UCF Monday morning in what could be their last joint appearance in the area before the election.

Those stories lead your Saturday morning political headlines. I’ll see you tomorrow!

WKMG Local 6: (Video) Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio to rally in Kissimmee

CF News 13: Mitt Romney taking swing through Sunshine State Saturday

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (Video) Reality Check: Republican Party of Florida ad against Frank Bruno

WESH 2: Romney to visit Kissimmee on Saturday

WOFL FOX 35: President Obama to be joined by President Clinton for rally

Orlando Sentinel: HD 30 race is competitive, costly

Romney and Rubio take the message to Kissimmee today

Jerry Demings vs. John Tegg Orange County Sheriff Race Preview

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Here is your race preview for Orange County Sheriff between Democrat Jerry Demings, and Republican John Tegg.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres and today we’re talking about the Orange County Sheriff race between Democrat Jerry Demings and Republican John Tegg. This has been one of the more frustrating races this cycle to get your hands around because of the conflict of information between the candidates, both candidates are throwing out drastically different numbers, over the actual crime rate, over the actual level of strength in the Orange County Sheriffs department, and it’s very difficult to track, so you’ve basically got one of the most intense contests of the year with this cacophony of noise between the two candidates, Tegg’s strategy seems to be to reduce the zones, to allow the deputies to concentrate and get a larger foothold on those zones, and therefore have a stronger presence in the community, Jerry Deming’s goals are to keep crime down and to keep workers working, those are his words, the words of both candidates during various forums, and interview but, these two men obviously don’t like each other, they’ve ran against each other before. It’s one of the more bitter contests of the year, and it’s very difficult to cross-check what each candidate is saying, there are so many other races going on this year, the Presidential race, the Senate race, the races for congress, that the truth checkers don’t always get a chance to check out an important race like the Orange County Sheriff’s race. A race that effects public safety. That’s unfortunate, I guess a gague of who to vote for is simply to walk out in your front yard and ask yourself “do you feel safe” to drive around your block and ask yourself “do I feel safe?” and look at the status of the community because the communication between these two candidates simply isn’t any good. As far as this race goes they’ve been holding press conferences calling for investigations, The people that really gets hurt in this process are the voters. You the voters get hurt in this. When the candidates go back and forth with numbers that are drastically different. It’s ultimately the voters that are left with a very difficult decision to make. So, as far as this race is concerned take this podcast, take all of the other sources and come up to your own conclusions when deciding who should be the next Orange County Sheriff. I’m Frank Torres and I’ll see you next time.

Joe Saunders vs. Marco Pena Florida State House 49 Race Preview

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Here is your race preview for Florida State House 49 between Republican Marco Pena and Democrat Joe Saunders.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres, Florida State House District 49, the battle for UCF, Between Republican Marco Pena and Democrat Joe Saunders. Look at Marco Pena, former student body President at UCF, a successful business track record with Florida Hospital, then you have Joe Saunders who is an activist, a community organizer of sorts, that’s how he’s branded himself, has done well fundraising, he’s got a lot of contacts throughout the state that allow him to raise a lot of money. I think what you’re seeing in this race is each candidate trying to create another identity for their rivals in this race. You have You have the “Special interest Joe ad” which was put out a couple of weeks ago by RPOF, a very funny ad, a very well done ad, I’ve played it a thousand times, I’m not going to continue to beat him up with that, it tries to take Joe Saunders and look at his campaign contributions and put him in that group. Then you have Joe Saunders accusations against Marco Pena, painting him as a radical tea partier of sorts. Those accusations are a little more questionable, in fact they’re not questionable, they’re simply not true. I know all of the political players here in Central Florida, and to paint Marco Pena as a radical tea partier simply is not accurate. So some discrepancies with the way each party is trying to portray the other, both parties are involved. It has turned into one of the more closer races in Florida and why not? It’s UCF. To represent this area in Tallahassee is a privileged. I’m Frank Torres and I’ll see you next time.

Ron Desantis vs. Heather Beaven Florida Congressional District 6 Race Preview

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Here is your Congressional District 6 race preview between Democrat Heather Beaven and Republican Ron Desantis.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres. Today, we are talking about Congressional District 6. The contest between Republican Ron Desantis and Democrat Heather Beaven. You know, I miss talking about district 6 it sorta slipped away from Central Florida, I miss talking about Volusia County. And what they have over there is shaping up to be a decent contest but one that ultimately favors the Republican Desantis, Heather Beaven as you’ll recall ran in 2010 in what was then District 7 against John Mica and a lot of people felt it was because of the district, the way it rolled from her area all the way down to the main territory which Mica strongly held. that the Geography of the district really hurt her. This district is still a red district, it’s going to favor Desantis, of course he’s coming out of that Battle Royal primary that 5 or 6 man contest, in which he beat some pretty impressive fellow Republicans, but moving forward into this, Desantis does have an advantage I think a strong Democratic turnout with President Obama on the ballot could help Beaven, but I think Desantis will win, and he’s got a very bright future in Washignton, if he plays his cards right, he could be one of the rising stars for the GOP on capitol hill but that’s the way your district 6 contest shapes up, I’m Frank Torres. I’ll see you next time.