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Preview: What Floridians should listen for in the Presidential Debates

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2012 at 2:41 pm

Yeah, the national guys are going to give you broad and vague analysis of what to watch for in tonight’s debate. But, are your concerns really the same as a voter in Washington State, Nebraska, or Colorado? No..

I don’t care about those guys. I want to hear about solutions that help Floridians. Let’s break down what you need to listen for in the debates.

An Economic Plan that will help the Sunshine State’s Economy: What do we do down here in Florida? We’re the biggest vacation destination in the world and we build stuff. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama need to articulate a plan that can bring manufacturing jobs back to the country (then our state government and non-existent business taxes should do the rest to lure them here) and, the rest of the country needs to find enough wiggle room in their budgets to bring the families down here on vacation.

Space…Whats Next?: Thousands of layoffs on the space coast. What can these guys do for Brevard? Okay, the shuttle program is done but don’t tell us that these two have given up on the region or space altogether. Yeah, we’ve got curiosity but that’s one rover, on one planet, from a field of exploration that has given us technology we use everyday.

Energy- to drill or not to drill: Down here in Florida, where we have to drive everywhere, we need to be able to buy gas. Hybrids are still too expensive. Solar and Wind are still years away from being real options. We still need oil guys. What will these two candidates do to close the gap between oil dependency and energy alternatives? And how will they make it affordable to the middle class?

I4 Hispanics- Listen to Obama and Romney side by side:: And Hispanics in the entire state really. Education, Immigration, Opportunities to grow and build a family. Yes, the majority of Hispanics in the corridor are Puerto Rican, but what they want to hear from each of the candidates is a connection or understanding of what these voters are going through.

The Fire and Poise: There are moments in these debates where something goes unplanned, and the candidates are forced to deal with something the million dollar consultants didn’t see coming. How will they respond? There is perhaps no more of an important test in these debates, than reacting when the unexpected happens. When you’re President the unexpected will happen all of the time.

We are the most important voters in the country. Polling as of this morning, has us still neck and neck as far as this Presidential race goes. For Obama, it could be the winning score. For Mitt Romney, it could be his Presidential last stand.

So where are you guys watching?

The stage is set for tonight’s debate

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