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Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate? Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan from Kentucky, 10-11-12

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Biden and Ryan Throwdown in a historic debate:

This one will be hard to beat.

Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan battled for 90 minutes in the debate that the country has been searching for since this election season started. They saw two gifted lawmakers speak from the mind and the heart in an argument over what was the best direction this country could take.

The debate started with Libya and the recent tragic events. The Vice-President promised justice, while Ryan questioned the security conditions that allowed the tragedy to begin with. Both participants took charge of Martha Radatz, who mainstream Americans met for the first time tonight.

The focus on Foreign policy would remain the main focus of the debate with the possibility of a nuclear Iran coming up next.

Ryan spoke of his experiences in congress opposing the President’s foreign policy methods. There were accusations over who was paying more attention to the concerns of Israeli Prime Minister Netanayhu and how close Iran could get to acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Then from foreign policy, this intense debate that had both candidates running over time.. and each other shifted to medicare and just like so many smaller races all over the country. The conflict came over how to fund medicare and the negatives against a voucher program. Each candidate took shots over their stances but still… no solid answers.

Bi-partisanship came up several times. Ryan accusing this administration of having two years of a majority and gaining no ground on unemployment. Biden blaming the gridlock on the GOP.

Religion actually took center stage for a few minutes. Both candidates took the opportunity to go after the social issues like abortion. Both candidates defended their views passionately.

Martha Radatz did a fine job. Much better than Jim Lehrer. Both candidates took zero non-sense. Biden might have set the example for the President. Ryan gave up no ground for Mitt Romney to make up next week.

This fight rolls over to next week. But, wow! What a great debate!

Who Wins?: Your partisan favorite.

  1. I must say I agree with Ryan! He did a wonderful debate Biden should of did alittle less laughing and more talking and tried to speak up more! I might be poor but I’m getting off the fence. I watch the whole debate no fox or any other news program. I’m
    jumping to Romney! I’ve given Obama 4 years I honestly haven’t seen any change! I’m voting this year. You better hold your promises Romney cause the last four years didn’t work.

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