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Video Week in Review: VP Debate, Webster and Anti-Saunders Ads, Soccer Stadium

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Really excited about taking this blog to the next level. We’re going to start featuring more video posts as we approach election day including a “Week in Review” spot every Sunday.

Here is the first show. Still trying to work the bugs out but it’s only going to get better. Thanks for all of your support!


Welcome to Florida Politics with Frank Torres. I’m Frank Torres and this is your Week in Review, lets get down to it, we’re going to talk about the debates, some congressional races, as well as some state house races. Lets start with the Vice-Presidential debate the whole country watched. The country watched Vice President Joe Biden and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan go at it for 90 minutes the other night. Both Sides walked away declaring victory a lot of Democrats walked away believing that Biden did a great job being aggressive and not getting walked over like President Obama in the debate before. Paul Ryan, a lot of Republicans felt he articulated very well, that he took the fight to Joe Biden, who I believe is over 26 years his senior. So, both guys were very happy with the way their guy performed the other night. Also, critics were very happy with the way it was moderated, unlike the last debate but it will be interesting to see where we go this week with the second Presidential debate between Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Will President Obama be more aggressive and follow Joe Biden’s lead or will it be another Romney Romp, will Mitt Romney run right over the President again, like he did in the previous debate. After that debate we saw a bounce in the polls, all the sudden Mitt Romney is back in this thing, in some of the swing states, he took the lead in Virgina and right here in the I4 corridor he’s neck and neck in the polls. Some polls even have him ahead after that last debate performance. A lot of voters appreciated the aggressive style he took during that debate. Also on Tuesday this is going to be a “Town Hall” format. A lot more open space for the candidates to roam around, it’s going to be moderated by Candy Crowley from CNN, it will be interesting to see how she does in that environment. Definitely more high political drama with our second Presidential debate coming up this week. In some of the other races, we’ve got Congressional District 10, Congressman Daniel Webster going against former Orlando police chief Val Demings, a lot of events going on in that race, up until a few days ago you could say that that race was actually boring, but both parties are really jumping into the fight now, I believe you might have seen the “lobbyist lounge” anti-Webster ad, that the DCCC has been airing in the region, also there is this pro-Webster ad, featuring some very familiar faces in Florida politics, let’s take a look at that ad right now.

(Dan Webster Ad)

In addition to that ad, you might have seen more pro-Demings Tv Spots, well produced ads you’ll probably see in the near future, that race is going to go down to the wire. Recent polling gives Dan Webster a lead in that race but it is in the Margin of Error. Those two interviewed in front of the Sentinel Op-Ed Board on Monday, both sorta deviated from party lines, Daniel Webster said he wouldn’t rule out disregarding the Grover Norquist Tax Pledge, following Jeb Bush’s example. Bush called it “outsourcing your principles”, and you also heard Val Demings say that Obama Care was not perfect, and she wanted to put people to work through infrastructure projects but could not explain how those projects would be paid for. Webster ultimately got the endorsement from the op-ed board later in the week. Those two have another date at Tiger Bay next week where they’ll debate in front of Orlando’s powerful. It should be an interesting time. In other races, A very interesting ad came out, in the battle for UCF State House 49 race, between Marco Pena and Joe Saunders, it’s very well done, it’s funny, go ahead and have a look.

(Anti-Joe Saunders ad)

Yeah, that one makes you smile a little bit, you want to see more attack ads like this one, there’s some funny ones out there, we’ll see if we can’t get them for the next show. Also that race is expected to be very close as well. In other Orlando affairs, Major League Soccer, Orlando City Soccer wants to build a new stadium, I love the game, I’ve played it on 3 continents, but can we really afford that stadium right now? We haven’t finished building the performing arts center, we still have to renovate the Citrus Bowl, and we still have other non-sports projects like Sunrail, Is now really the time for a new soccer stadium? Also, we’ve got NBA basketball, now that Dwight Howard aka Superman has flown away can we even sell those seats, the stadium they want to build holds 20,000 the same number. So,it will interesting to see which way City officials take with that project. That is your week in review. As you can tell this is a new format to the blog, it’s going to get better, I’m going to add more video as we move along especially as we move towards election day. To provide extra content to the regular visitors on this blog, who I appreciate very much, who have taken the time to read what i have to type, or in this case, hear what i have to say. I can’t say how grateful I am. Until next time. I’m Frank Torres.

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