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Video: Castor-Dentel Complaints, Candidate forum brings races together

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Here is a video highlighting the conflicts in the Karen Castor Dentel vs. Scott Plakon races, as well as some observations about the candidate forum from Pine Castle that featured Linda Stewart, Bob Brooks, Jerry Demings, John Tegg, and Pete Clarke.


Welcome to Florida Politics with Frank Torres, I’m Frank Torres. Today is October 16th 2012. We’ve got a lot to cover so, let’s get to it. We’re going to start out with the Florida House District 30 race. That is Karen Castor Dentel against Scott Plakon. Now, recently there have been some complaints file against Castor Dentel for unauthorized emails sent from her account and unfairly using her position as a school teacher for campaign business. Now, all of this is still breaking, it’s all still coming out. Both parties want this race very badly they’ve both poured a lot of money in this race. Both candidate are very well liked by their parties. And right when Castor Dentel seemed to get some momentum this is what she did not need. Now more is going to come out as this race goes on. There is not a lot of time for her to get her arms around this message. Or come up with a defense or clarify what this is, this complaint is trying to say. The conflict I saw was during the news cycle yesterday. In a midday debate, Castor Dentel said that the email had not gotten to that level. The emails being referred to in that complaint. But later in the evening those emails were released by mainstream media and local bloggers. It did indeed have those emails and those emails were referring to what the complaint was trying to say. Now obviously this complaints still need to be looked at but this is not what she needs right now. Both parties want that race really bad, it will be interesting to see what happens in that one.

Last night, I had the chance to attend a candidate forum in Pine Castle. A lot of direct opponents there in state house 47, Linda Stewart vs. Dr. Bob Brooks. Those two had the feature showdown during the first hour of the panel. You know, both well spoken candidates but their positions could not be further apart. Brooks said he would use his position with majority to reach across the isle, Stewart said she was not there for any party and that she would serve all of the people. Stewart said she did not support off shore drilling, Brooks said he would consider a proposal only if it were 50 miles off shore. Brooks brought up some talking points he would use to save some money. Savings found in healthcare and things along those lines. He said he would save 150 million dollars from the budget. Stewart spoke about working with Nemours and her record with bringing jobs to the district. So that race is going to be very close.

The second part of the hour, the feature match-up seemed to be for Orange County Sheriff. Current Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings and his opponent John Tegg. The confusing thing about this race are the numbers being thrown out by both candidates. Jerry Demings says that crime is down 23%. Tegg says that there are 86 jobs available. It’s hard for these numbers to go under the truth test because these numbers are not readily available. Both candidates had goals. Tegg wanted to reduce the zones. Demings wanted to keep crime down, without raising costs, and to keep workers working.

Some of the other races in that second block was the race for Orange County commission 3. Peter Clarke took his time to answer the voter questions and Lui Damiani, the projected frontrunner was not there. In other races Orange County Property appraiser, Bill Donegan took the hour to debate Rick Singh. We’ve got an interview coming with Singh that you should see over the next few days. Fritz Jackson Seide had the room, his opponent Geraldine Thompson showed up late but was there after the panel was over. This is Florida politics with Frank Torres, I’m Frank Torres and I’ll see you next time.

  1. Frank, Damiani has been making the media circuit, and at events” has been claiming to be a successful business man. This is nothing but a lie. All one has to do is check the Florida Division of Corporations, the registry with the City of Orlando and Orange County. The Sentinel Star and West Orange News each have reported Damiani is the owner of a real estate company, Damiani Properties. This is a terrible untruth, yet when Dave Damron of the Sentinel was informed of the TRUTH – he refused to publish a correction. THIS LIE NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED in order for the voters to know the lack of integrety this man has; if he will lie about his OWN WORK RECORD, what else is he lying about?

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