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Andy Gardiner vs. Chris Pennington State Senate 13 Race Preview

In Uncategorized on October 20, 2012 at 6:44 pm

Here is my video preview of the race between Democrat Christopher Pennington and future Senate President Andy Gardiner (Republican).


Florida Politics with Frank Torres, today we are profiling the Florida State Senate district 13 race between Andy Gardiner Republican and Chris Pennington Democrat. Unfortunately Chis Pennington, I’ve gotten the chance to hear him speak a couple of times, seems like a nice guy but he has the unfortunate task of running against the future Senate leader Andy Gardiner. A candidate who in his primary candidates deliberately tried not to run against for very good reasons. Andy Gardiner, well liked by both sides, tabbed for that future leadership position which carries extra weight on the campaign trail, and he should walk to victory in this race. Chris Pennington has a great story to tell, and I’m sure he’ll have the chance to tell it, in future campaigns should he decide to run again. Should he decide to run again, in some capacity, but this race is really Andy Gardiner’s to lose. And Gardiner is actually lacing up the gloves, he’s got a fair share of campaign presence within the district, a lot of signage and a lot of support out there for him. Gardiner is looking in good shape, despite recent, activities in Tallahassee regarding some jockeying for future leadership positions last session, he should be in fairly good shape. I predict Andy Gardiner will walk to victory in the Florida State Senate race. I’m Frank Torres and I’ll see you next time.

Gardiner should walk to victory in this race

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