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Val Demings vs. Daniel Webster Florida Congressional District 10 Race Preview

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2012 at 4:16 pm

Here is your race preview for the 10th Congressional District here in Florida, between Democrat Val Demings and Republican Daniel Webster


Florida Politics with Frank Torres. Today, we are talking about congressional district 10 the race between Republican Daniel Webster and Democrat Val Demings. This has been an interesting race, that hasn’t always been the case, a very slow boil, neither candidate had a primary, so they just sat in waiting until the general election. Even the beginning of the general election wasn’t that exciting, Breaking it down, you have former Orlando police chief Val Demings, a seat that is considered “red to blue” by the DNC. Getting a lot of support from the national party, she’s got a great story to tell, she’s done very well with fundraising, and has ran a pretty strong campaign. On the other hand you have Republican Daniel Webster he’s served the state for over two decades in Tallahassee, superior name ID and defeated Alan Grayson to earn his first term in congress. So, the district leans Republican, it favors Dan Webster, the fundraising favors Val Demings, from what little polling we do have it shows Dan Webster out front, or some polls show them in a statistical tie. So, this is going to be a very close race, so the main decider will be the on the ground presence, I think Daniel Webster has had a far superior ground game than Val Demings, there was also the debates or the debate and a half. There was an interview with the Orlando Sentinel where both candidates were in the same room, Daniel Webster ultimately ended up getting that endorsement, then there was the debate at Tiger Bay, which was there only televised affair, in front of Orlando’s powerful there, I think Daniel Webster has demonstrated, superior knowledge of the issues, I think Val Demings has a lot of work in the policy department, and will have to learn on the fly, should she be elected in this race, I think Daniel Webster won both of those encounters, he does seem to know a little more than the former Orlando Police Chief. But hey, debates don’t matter, it’s what happens at the polls, I expect it to be a very close race between two quality candidates, and I expect it to be close, and it will be one of the highest covered races on the national level, a lot of people will be watching. For Florida Politics with Frank Torres, Ill see you next time.

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