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Some final words before Election Night

In Uncategorized on November 6, 2012 at 2:05 am

Some final words before tomorrow’s historic night. I’ll be on Central Florida News 13 starting at 5pm and will be with you until it’s all over. Make sure you vote and I’ll see you again soon.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres. Some final words before we all head to the polls tomorrow and all of their races reach their conclusions tomorrow night. What a road it’s been, a long and brutal road, some operatives have been doing this for almost two years, and even your casual politicos, even those who aren’t involved in politics at all, have been subject to these negative ads for months now, and it was worse than it was in 2008, and worse than it was in 2010, and we’re all ready for this to be over. I think, it’s important for everyone to get out and vote tomorrow, yes the lines will be long, and there is rain forecasted for tomorrow. But, you deserve to have your voice heard, especially in this race where we’re looking at potentially one of the closest races in the history of this country, that you get out and vote, that you let you’re voice be heard, here in Florida, one of the most important political battlegrounds in the country, one of the most important battlegrounds in the world, the I4 corridor, you owe it to yourself, and you owe it to this country to have your voice heard, you owe it to those serving overseas in hostile environments, to take advantage of this privledge to vote tomorrow. It doesn’t matter which side you’re on. The worst thing you can do is not vote. Whether it’s President Obama, or Governor Mitt Romney, it’s so much more than binders of women, big bird, who built what, or gaffe prone VP’s, it is about leading the greatest country in the history of human civilization, there are a lot of good candidates running, there are a lot of bad candidates running, there are no evil men or women running except for perhaps Alan Grayson, so, I hope you’ve done your homework, if not there are a lot of great websites out there, to make sure you’ve done your research, to make sure you make the best choices possible at the polls, it’s going to be an exciting election night. I’ll be at CF News 13 tomorrow night for election coverage starting early and will be there as long as it will take, it would be great if you could join us over there, even after the votes are counted, even after the winners are declared this will still be the greatest country in the world, it will still be a privledge to be a part of it, and we’ll move forward and be ready for whatever challenges await us, I’ve still got so much hope for this country. We’ve got some great days ahead, we’ve got some challenges but we’ll get over those, we’ll stick together and part of the process of sticking together is making sure we make it to the polls, and have our voices heard, it’s been a great ride, I’ll be here the morning after talking and blogging, But it all comes down to tomorrow night and we’ll watch it unravel together, I’m Frank Torres and I’ll see you on the other side.

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