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Florida Political Stocks Who’s Up, Who’s Down in O-Town: Re-Count Warriors Edition

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Here we go with our first edition of Political Stocks after the elections last week. Some of our lawmakers featured had to wait a little longer to find out what their political fate was and those are the headliners. This is also the first edition of Video political stocks. Enjoy!


Florida Politics with Frank Torres and today, we’re talking about Political Stocks, that’s right our first video edition of Political Stocks, we’ve had this feature on our blog for a little over a year now. We’ve done it normally about once a month, but this is our first time doing it with video, let’s see how it goes. The headliners in your first edition of political stocks are your Re-Count Warriors, your Cardiac Candidates, the two candidates who’s stock are on the rise right now are Disrict 29 winner Mike Clelland who defeated Chris Dorworth and Orange County Commissioner Elect Pete Clarke who was able to defeat Lui Damiani, both massive underdog candidates, nobody expected these guys to win, both of them had to do it through a re-count, and both raised a lot of eyebrows with their victories, both of their stocks are up moving forward, Clarke has got a whole term ahead of him in district 3, district 3 first elected official in almost 2 years, Clelland will be vulnerable in 2014, in that Republican heavy district and Dorworth’s negative press.

An unofficial stock increase for Bill Cowles and Michael Ertel, the two supervisors of elections in Orange and Seminole Counties respectively, who did a fine job with these recounts, some good reviews from advocates on both sides aisle at over how these recounts were conducted. So an unofficial increase for these two. Good work by these two. You didn’t have the horror stories like the ones we’re hearing from Dade County or other parts of the country like Ohio.

Stocks up also for Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney lost and now we start looking towards 2016. Who is the big name to take on the Democratic nominee in 2016 that name is Marco Rubio, from Florida, our Senator, and expect more of the buzz as we move forward over the next couple of years. It’s only a matter of time with Marco Rubio, will it be 2016? He’s still young it could be 2020, we’ll see how it goes but for now his stock is up. And of course the stock of President Obama, he’s been re-elected, his worries are gone, he’s got another 4 years to try to get his policies through in Washington and try to deliver on his campaign promises, he took the majority of the swing states, including right here in Florida after a long re-count, you can’t deny that after this tough campaign his stock is on the rise, after this recent re-election to the White House.

Who’s down? Nobody wants to be in this column. Chris Dorworth, he lost his election to Clelland. He was suppose to be the House Speaker that’s not going to be the case, they’ve already tabbed his replacement. Steve Crisafulli from Merritt Island will be his replacment, there are no stocks lower right now than that of Chris Dorworth, a whirlwind of negative publicity, negative media, it just seemed to turn against him as the election approached, a negative article in the paper one week, a negative tv segment the next, getting tagged on the afternoon drive home every week, too much negative publicity for Chris Dorworth and it ultimately overcame him in that district.

Also, General David Patreaus his stock is also very low, caught in an extra-marital affair through email, or an alleged extra marital affair, now people are bringing up the timing of this news. Did he hold on to it until after the election? To avoid effecting the Presidential election, anyways the timing is curious but he’s done. Regardless of what comes out during those investigations.

Also who else’s stock is down? Here on a Florida Politics Blog. Florida. It took several days for Florida to tabulate it votes. While our guys here had their acts together, it was not the case all over the state, we finally got our results in Saturday afternoon and now we’re hearing horror stories of voter fraud from other parts of the state. So our stock is down, not the people of Florida, but our election reputation you could say. So that is our edition of political stocks this month. We’ll see who goes up and down next month. We’ve got the fiscal cliff looming that could effect our results for now I’m Frank Torres, and I’ll see you next time.

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