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Pete Clarke beats Lui Damiani in Orange County District 3 Race

In Uncategorized on November 14, 2012 at 2:15 am

Underdog Pete Clarke won his Orange County District 3 race today by defeating Lui Damiani in a recount that saw Clarke win by 70 votes. In these political times, it’s rare to see an underfunded candidate get the job done against an opponent who outspent him 4 to 1. Perhaps, it’s not always pay to play in Orange County politics. A rare result that could inspire others to take the political plunge in the future.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres and today we’re talking about the Orange County Commission 3 race. Pete Clarke has defeated Lui Damiani, he will be the next commissioner here in Orange County. Wow! Lui Damiani the heavy favorite moving into this general election, It was him and Clarke that made it into the run-off, after the August primary, Damiani was heavily favored, he outspent Clarke 4 to 1 and had the support of a lot of the wealthy and powerful in Orange County. What is so special about this story is that Pete Clarke demonstrated that if you’re willing to work hard, pound the pavement, knock on doors and do it the old fashion way, you can be competitive in Orange County politics, it isn’t always pay to play and I think that is so important to see, you can go through 20 races and not see a result like this one, of an underdog like Pete Clarke overcoming these obstacles, Keep in mind it was a recount, he only won by 70 votes, so it was a very, very close race, the assists should be given to Belle Isle Commissioner Lydia Pisano and small businessman Eric Lasso, both speaking on Clarke’s behalf in the general election, and those voices moved votes, So Clarked was able to pull it off the Old Fashioned way, knocking on doors and talking to as many voters as possible, and it is really such a big story, Lui Damiani? He’s not an evil man, he’s not a corrupt candidate, but he had too much of this (waving dollar bills) and not enough of this (touching heart), and sometimes in close races like this, that extra heart, that extra dedication to knock on those extra 20 doors on a late Sunday evening makes a difference, and I think we saw that here, Pete Clarke will be the next commissioner of Orange County District 3 and for Florida Politics with Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time

  1. […] Speaking of the commission. They’ll be joined by a new commissioner from District 3 next year. Pete Clarke won his re-count yesterday over Lui Damiani. You can read my summary here. […]

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