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WIR: Kicking Grover Norquist to the Curb, DCCC Silliness, Scott’s Charm Offensive

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Here is your week in review. We’re talking Grover, DCCC, and Rick Scott’s re-election headstart.

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(Jeb Bush Intro)

That of course is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush talking about the Grover Norquist Tax Pledge, and that is where we’re starting our week in review. We are talking about the need for Florida Republicans to walk away from Grover Norquist. Frankly, a person who is not an elected official has no business telling our lawmakers what to do and someone 99% of the constituents don’t even know who he is. His anti-tax pledge has handcufffed our lawmakers from putting on a strong fiscal debate in Washington, I’m talking about our Central Florida delegation here, I’m talking about John Mica, Daniel Webster, Sandy Adams is on her way out be she should opt out as well. Incoming lawmakers like Ron Desantis and other Republican lawmakers who will be taking office next year. Norquist, who’s talking points hurt us in the elections this year. Frankly, he has no business telling out elected officials what to do. So, we’ll see what happens. There is a growing group of Republicans in Washington that are starting to feel the same way. There was a good question on the Sunday talkers, this morning “Who is this guy!?” It’s a valid question, it made me laugh and hopefully this anti-grover norquist trend will continue.

Here in the county, with the commission, some good news coming out, the possibility of moving the tax collector and property appraisers offices out of the Suntrust building. Moving the offices out of that expensive location into a county owned office that could save the taxpayers millions of dollars. I think it’s a terrific move by the commission, they can use the points, their still recovering from the PR disaster from the Orange County Sick Time Fight. We’re still hearing more bad press about text messages not being available to the media. Hey, you can’t go wrong saving the taxpayers money it’s a win, win, we’ll see how it goes, if it happens, now would be a terrific time to also bring up that rental car surcharge that Commissioner Ted Edwards was talking about. In another move that could be very profitable for the people of Central Florida.

On to the next subject, a sour grapes subject, out of no where, an attack email on Daniel Webster, of course Daniel Webster recently re-elected after defeating Val Demings in November out of no where an attack email from the DCCC criticizing Daniel Webster fro his potential ties with Grover Norquist, pressuring him to leave the anti-tax pledge, in that regard, now of course I just got done slamming Grover Norquist for the last two minutes, it would certainly make me happy, but lets examine what this really is. It’s an attack email 3 weeks after an election, from a 3rd party that frankly, hurt Val Demings in her election. I don’t know if this is going to be a trend, are we going to see more emails from the DCCC. I believe their message in the Val Demings campaign took over shortly after she declared, that was never truly her in that campaign, launching a negative attack campaign against Daniel Webster, someone who’s vowed never to personally sign off on a negative ad, going negative on him with the “Lobbyist Lounge” ad, as you’ll recall, those slick ads with the graphics that said he was cozy with lobbyists, it of course had video footage of Webster, not next a lobbyist but next to his son on a fishing trip. and the fact checkers took that ad apart. You’ve got to wonder what’s going on with leadership up there, are they trying to justify payroll, apparently they still want to attack Daniel Webster 3 weeks after the election with a very bizarre message.

Let’s move on to Florida Governor Rick Scott. Scott with another media sprint through Orlando, talking to as much of the media as possible. This is sorta of a revival of the “charm offensive”. I remember around this time last year during Presidency V, made himself completely available to writers, reporters, bloggers (including myself) and experienced a bump in his approval numbers afterwards. And he’s done a couple of times since, every couple of months to help his suffering approval numbers and the strategy behind that is Governor Scott needs a headstart to, in order to be competitive for re-election. He is definitely not favored against potential candidates, Nan Rich, Alex Sink, and former Governor Charlie Crist. What will Charlie do? When will he join the Democratic party and try to get his job back. Along with some popular Mayors like (Bob) Buckhorn and our own Mayor Dyer. Those rumored to be considering run. Scott has been doing well with fundraising. He doesn’t want to spend so much of his own money to get elected. So, Rick Scott has already unofficially started his re-election campaign. This is the first sprint after the Presidential election. So we’ve covered a lot for Florida Politics with Frank Torres I’ll see you ne–.

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