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Orlando’s Top Ten Political Rivalries 2012: #8 Jerry Demings vs. John Tegg

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Our Top Ten Political Rivalries of 2012 comes back down to the county level for a match-up between two old and bitter foes in the Orange County Sheriff’s race. When you sat Sheriff Jerry Demings and John Tegg next to each other, you knew both would come out swinging with alarming attacks at each other that felt personal and dealt with more statistics than all the professional sports combined. All in a race that dealt with what a lot of us believe is the most important function of government, keeping its citizens safe.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres. And we continue our rivalry series, and we’re down to number 8 between Sheriff Jerry Demings and his long time foe John Tegg. The two met again this year in the race for Orange County Sheriff and it was a nasty campaign, both opponents have a general dislike for each other. When they were debating, one could barely get a couple of sentences out, without being interrupted by the other. Some of the main points in this rivalry were the crime statistics both candidates had different statistics over how high the crime rate was when talking to voters. Also very personal with John Tegg saying it was him and not Demings that got the law enforcement endorsements from his peers. So, very personal tone, both have met before, a very important race about public safely. Who won? Well, Jerry Demings won by a landslide. Despite that it was a very bitter campaign, Tegg had a strong sign presence throughout the county but Jerry Demings was able to defeat him. In what was a very bitter fight to determine who would be the sheriff of Orange County. So, that was number 8 in our debate series for Florida Politics with Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

These two were a sure thing for this rivalry series

These two were a sure thing for this rivalry series

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