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Orlando’s Top Ten Political Rivalries 2012: #7 Karen Castor-Dentel vs. Scott Plakon

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We’re on to #7. And it’s the fiercest State House race in the region. The race for district 30 between Karen Castor Dentel and Scott Plakon. Important to mention that the ethics complaints against Castor-Dentel were dismissed. That was reported an hour ago by the Orlando Sentinel.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres. We are continuing our rivalry week. The ten great political rivalries in Central Florida and today, we continue with number 7. A very bitter, rivalry for Florida State House 30 between Karen Castor Dental and Scott Plakon. A very vicious campaign some key points in their rivalry were the allegations that Karen Castor Dentel had violated campaign laws by looking for another position during that time. She’s a school teacher did she break any laws while campaigning. That was brought up during the campaign and was a major subject between the two for some time. Also, this was a race that both parties wanted very badly. Both parties jumped in to make sure their guy (or girl) won this race. So, it was a very personal campaign, one that revolved around the efforts of both parties trying to get both candidates elected. Then literally just days before the election there was a bombshell, a dirty mailer sent out that compared Karen Castor Dentel to convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky. A very nasty mailer to end a very vicious contest. Who won? Karen Castor Dentel was able to get elected. Although the majority of those votes came from a strong Obama turnout. I tend to put her in the Obama Coat tails group with some of the other Democratic state house winners from that night. So, Karen Castor Dentel was able to defeat Scott Plakon and she wins the rivalry between her and the former State Representative. For Florida Politics with Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

The race for House 30 was the fiercest state level race in Central Florida

The race for House 30 was the fiercest state level race in Central Florida

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