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WIR: Will Crist Unite or Divide Florida Democrats

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Here is your week in review. We’re talking about Charlie Crist’s official party switch and what it means for Florida Democrats in the 2014 Gubernatorial Race and South Carolina’s Jim Demint, a Tea Party leader who’s leaving the Senate to run the Heritage Founation and what it could mean for Florida.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres. This is your week in review. And it’s funny the biggest story broke actually on Friday night. He tweeted this photo with the registration form and his lovely wife Carole. This isn’t really a surprise it was more about “when” than “if”. This affects a lot of things, obviously. He takes another step towards challenging Florida Governor Rick Scott in 2014. Charlie Crist, one of the more animated lawmakers we’ve got here in Florida, his feud with the GOP was number 5 in the Top Ten Political Rivalries of 2012. Is he going to be accepted by the Democratic party? Will he see a bump in fundraising? You know, I think you’re going to see a division amongst the party when it comes to Charlie Crist. You’re going to have that group that is so desperate to get rid of Rick Scott, that they’ll line up right behind Charlie. They you’re going to have the loyalists, those who say “He’s not really one of us, well he changes political affiliations every year” Who wins or loses in this thing? Well, the democrats have a heavy weight candidate to take on Rick Scott. Who better to take on the current governor than the former governor? Who had some decent popularity before leaving the Republican party. Who wins or loses in this thing? Well, one of the winners, I believe is Alex Sink. Well, your thinking “Charlie Crist is going to blow all of the other candidates out of the water but, he’s gotta be the favorite at this point, but that second group I described to you the loyalist, they’re going to fall behind Sink. I think we’re heading towards a Sink/Crist primary. Well, who loses? I think the lesser known statewide candidates your Mayor Bob Buckhorns, your very own Buddy Dyer from here in Orlando, then there is Florida Democratic Chair Rod Smith, I think they lose in this. Now you’ve got two bigger candidates to take on Scott and I think the Democratic Primary will be between those two. And between those two groups we spoke earlier. That was the big Issue here in Florida.

The other story was Senator Jim Demint resigning to run the Heritage Foundation. What does a South Carolina Senator have to do with Florida Politics? Well, it affects our very own Senator. Florida Senator Marco Rubio who named Demint as one of his heroes. It also leaves a gap in Tea Party leadership. Who will step up to fill that void? Could it be Rubio, there will be other lawmakers prepared to step up as well. So, those were the two big stories this week. We’ve still got the fiscal cliff out there. How are our lawmakers going to vote and what kind of role are they going to play? For Florida Politics with Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

The Former Governor made it official on Friday Night

The Former Governor made it official on Friday Night

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