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Orlando’s Top Ten Political Rivalries 2012: #3 Todd Long vs. Alan Grayson

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This one was pretty rough.

The match-up between Attorney/Author Todd Long and Alan Grayson had several vicious meetings at different debates around the city. They pulled no punches against each other and gave the media the fight they were looking for. Ultimately, the Demographics of the new Congressional 9th got Grayson elected and one of the biggest Villains/Anti-hero (depending on which side your on) will return to Washington.


(Grayson-Long Debate Footage)

And that was number 3 on your Top Ten Political Rivalries of 2012. I believe their still trying to clear the rubble from that Tiger Bay Debate. That vicious debate between Todd Long and Alan Grayson, this was an intense rivalry. As soon as Alan Grayson knew he was going to declare for the new district which held the majority of Osceola County with parts of Orange, there would be plenty of Republican challengers. Long came out of a 4 way primary against John Q Quinones, Julius Melendez, and Mark Oxner. Alan Grayson couldn’t wait to get involved, he through his own money into the primary to run negative ads against Quinones and what you had was basically a Democratic opponent having influence over a Republican primary. Ultimately, it did work, Long was able to defeat Quinones in that primary. Grayson threw in a lot of money to make it happen. On paper Quinones was Grayson’s toughest match-up but it was long that would go to the general.

It was Grayson vs. Long in the general. Long, is thought of highly with local Republicans, Grayson of course one of the most partisan lawmakers in Washington, you could put together a montage of the stuff he’s done. He’s also a moth, addicted to the camera lights. He definitely played it more quite this time. He sort of let the demographics of the district work in his favor. Osceola was the only other county besides Orange to vote for President Obama. I think even Grayson’s own people knew that less of Grayson was more, even in that blue district. Whenever the two candidates got together it was really vicious. It made for some entertaining theater.

Who won? Well, Alan Grayson was elected. The demographics of the district, along with the heavy turnout for President Obama, but I lost the slide! Sorry, Rep-elect Grayson, no winner’s slide for you. And my condolences to the voters of the Congressional 9th district. Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to vote him out in two years. We’ll see what happens. For now Alan Grayson vs. Todd Long is number 3 on your top ten political rivalries of 2012. For Florida Politics with Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

Grayson and Long couldn't interview together after their memorable debate

Grayson and Long couldn’t stand being in the same room at times

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