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Orlando’s Top Ten Political Rivalries 2012: #2 Sandy Adams vs. John Mica

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The number 2 rivalry in our rundown of the Top Ten Political Rivalries in Central Florida is the primary that split the Republican Party. Two popular fellow Representatives who were forced to face each other after redistricting. It was the Freshman Tea Party Favorite Sandy Adams vs. the long time establishment favorite John Mica.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres and we are down to #2. The number 2 political rivalry here in Central Florida this year. The biggest political primary here in the region. I’m of course talking about the race between Representatives Sandy Adams and John Mica. There was a lot of sizing each other up before the campaigned kicked off, did one want to run in another district. There was an argument over who should really be running in the district. Redistricting threw everyone off, so the campaign started over “Who’s district was it really?” with both campaigns throwing there talking points out there.

Another aspect was the division in culture. You had the Tea Party favorite, Adams a former law enforcement officer, against the establishment and longtime favorite Mica. And those two cultures clashed at different points throughout the campaign with other various lawmakers and candidates lining up behind Mica or Adams.

A very violent campaign. Sandy Adams started going negative, very early on, over John Mica saying he was too moderate with the culture in Washington. The results to those negative attacks did work in Adams’ favorite but it did produce one of the best ads of the year. It’s an anti-mica ad and we’re gonna run it right now.

(Mica Best Cheerleader Ad)

Perhaps, the ad of the year. It’s definitely up there. A well done ad, a funny ad from the reserved Congresswoman but it didn’t work. Which brings us to Who Won? That would be John Mica. This would be the toughest part of Mica’s re-election campaign but it really wasn’t even that close. It demonstrated that she could compete on some levels but she never got as close as she needed to. They debated once that was it. She turned down the other requests and she wanted to see if her Tea Party support could overwhelm Mica, like the race up north with long time Congressman Cliff Stearns losing to the Tea Party Favorite, Ted Yoho but it didn’t work. Mica won the race and this matchup and this very intense race is number 2 on your list. Only one left. Who could it be? It definitely took the city by storm but for now #2 Sandy Adams vs. John Mica. I’m Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

One of the biggest GOP primaries in the country takes the no. 2 spot

One of the biggest GOP primaries in the country takes the no. 2 spot

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