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2012 Lawmakers we’ll see run again in Central Florida

In Uncategorized on December 19, 2012 at 3:11 pm

In every election there is a winner and a loser. The loser often re-evaluates their goals and decides whether or not they should run again. If they “give it another go” they’ll start planning for their next opportunity. The winner immediately starts planning for re-election with fundraising and sprinkles in a little public service, here and there.

These are lawmakers from 2012 that either lost (or in one case, sat out) their elections but still have the opportunity to win a race in the future.

Sandy Adams: Just because her colleague and longtime Congressman John Mica easily beat her in their nationally watched GOP primary, doesn’t mean she’s done with public service. The termed out former State Representative and lame duck freshman is still viewed favorably by the GOP. She’s only 56 and touts a perfect voting attendance record in Washington during her term.

When and for what?: When Mica retires, Adams will get phone calls from the party and in the red 7th district, would be in terrific shape to return to Washington.

Phil Diamond: It’s important to point out that Diamond was a strong candidate to take on Buddy Dyer, in the Orlando Mayor’s race. The former Orlando Commissioner scored a lot of points being able to match, and in some cases best the Mayor’s knowledge of city issues. The Dyer fundraising juggernaut didn’t give Diamond any daylight to be competitive, and with popular big city projects recently completed or under construction, the voters didn’t believe a change was necessary.

He was a popular name for Tax Collector after Earl K. Wood passed but wasn’t selected.

When and for what?: Diamond is the kind of candidate you can plug into any race and compete in. There is a movement to make county races partisan. Could Diamond be drafted by Orange Democrats for a municipal race in the future?

Eric Eisnaugle: In what was considered one of the most selfless acts in local politics, Eisnaugle decided not to run for re-election against his colleague and friend Rep. Stephen Precourt, after redistricting matched them against each other. Eisnaugle was popular while in office, and had a reputation as being one of the more thoughtful lawmakers with advocates from both sides. He instead, dedicated the election cycle to support grassroots efforts for the Mitt Romney campaign in Orange County.

When and for what?: Florida State House 44 in 2014 with the support of Precourt and almost everyone from the local and state GOP.

There were other names you could have added to this list, but political geography creates challenges for them. It’s true that mid-term elections could give Republicans a fighting chance against some Democratic incumbents, but it’s far from a sure thing to speculate that they’ll run.

We’ve got plenty of time to see who else will throw their hats into the ring.

Eisnaugle sat out 2012 to help the team. They'll rally behind him in 2014.

Eisnaugle sat out 2012 to help the team. They’ll rally behind him in 2014.

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