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Top Political Quotes from Central Florida in 2012

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It’s time for the best Political Quotes from Florida Politics over the last year. It’s been a busy year with a lot of zingers. With so much at stake and with Presidential politics spilling over into the smaller races, you get a lot of that influence.

You can just shut up..Todd Long to Alan Grayson during the Tiger Bay Congressional Debate

“I will destroy you”- John Mica (allegedly) before his primary to fellow Rep. Sandy Adams

“I believe that we’re operating under a case of mistaken identity that the fourth is the first”– Former Senator George Lemieux attacking Connie Mack the IV after he entered the GOP Senate Primary

“I’m not signing any pledge. That’s a gimmick of my opponents but, I plan to serve four years.”- Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer during his re-election campaign.

“John Mica is a personification of all that is wrong in Washington“- Congresswoman Sandy Adams referring to her fellow House Rep. during their grueling primary.

“You didn’t build that” – President Barack Obama. Yeah, I know, I know, you can interpret it any way you like but this was Obama’s “47%” moment

“If you use their playbook to get elected, when you get there, your number 1 agenda from day 1 is getting reelected.” Congressman Daniel Webster

“The people of Florida hear you saying one thing to them and then voting with Barack Obama” Connie Mack in his lone debate with Senator Bill Nelson.

“Is that the only line you memorized?“- Bill Nelson, 10 seconds later in that same debate.

3, 4, 5 years from now, if I do a good job as Vice-President.. I’m sorry.“- Florida Senator Marco Rubio

“I’m your best cheerleader”– Congressman John Mica to President Barack Obama on the house floor. Shown in an attack ad by Sandy Adams.

Please disregard previous healthcare statement.“- Florida CFO Jeff Atwater after releasing an email congratulating the Supreme Court for striking down the President’s Healthcare plan (Obamacare). They held up the plan in a historic ruling.

“He made money off of Casey Anthony”– Former State Attorney Lawson Lamar during his debate with Prosecutor Jeff Ashton.

“Look, I hope it’s not a deal maker but my playlist starts with AC/DC and ends with Zepplin” From the RNC in Tampa. GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan

“Here’s looking at Christie/Rubio 2016!”– Frank Torres minutes after President Barack Obama won re-election

“Who the heck is Frank Torres?”– Anonymous Political Operative. I ask myself that question every morning and then I work harder.

Till next time!

These two will be producing memorable quotes for years to come

These two will be producing memorable quotes for years to come

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