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Florida Political Yearbook 2013 – CFO Jeff Atwater

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Here is your Political Yearbook profile on Florida CEO Jeff Atwater. Atwater for the most part had a pretty good 2012 but, he did goof once. His mistake didn’t hurt anybody or harm his future political goals and his future is still bright moving forward. Here, have a look.

Video Transcript:

Florida Politics with Frank Torres. And this is your 2013 Political Yearbook Profile for Florida CFO Jeff Atwater.

The Chief Financial Officer of 2012 had a busy year. As you’ll recall at the beginning of the year, he was recruited to run for Senate against Bill Nelson. The powers that be in the Republican party or some of the louder voices in the Republican party were very unhappy with the crop of candidates they had in their primary to take on the long time Senator. So, they went after Atwater, he thought it over and ultimately decided against it. In hindsight, that was the right decision. You saw the turnout Obama got in Florida, he would have still been the underdog, so , he saved himself the trouble and potentially the loss. Still, the fact he was recognized for higher office is good. And he might take a better, more though out opportunity in the future.

The low point for Jeff Atwater wasn’t something that caused a lot of problems for the citizens of Florida but just really embarrassing. Atwater sent out an email after the supreme court ruled on the President’s healthcare plan or “Obamacare”, congratulating the court for striking the law down, when really they upheld it. So, a lengthy email congratulating the court turned into a 2nd email or withdraw of sorts saying to “disregard the previous message”. It was embarrassing but, hey, if that’s the low point for a lot of lawmakers, statewide lawmakers, I’m sure they’ll take it.

What is Atwater’s goal for 2013? The problem with being the CFO of Florida is not a lot of your average voters knows what that means. So, he’s going to want to raise the profile of that office, if he wants to advance, whether its in 2014 or some other time down the road. So, that will be Atwater’s goal for 2013. What is he most likely to be in 2013. “Late to your inbox” and if you’ve been listening to this webcast, you know what that means. So, that is your political yearbook profile on Jeff Atwater. I’m Frank Torres and I’ll see you next time.

If the CFO can layoff of the email, he'll have a terrific 2013

If the CFO can layoff of the email, he’ll have a terrific 2013

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