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Orlando Political Yearbook 2013 – Congressman Daniel Webster

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Representative Daniel Webster hasn’t stopped moving since winning re-election last November. He’s had to deal with random DCCC attacks in addition to dealing with the fiscal cliff, the oncoming debt ceiling debate and constituent services. No rest for the long time lawmaker.

Video Transcript:

Florida Politics with Frank Torres. And, this is your Political Yearbook preview for Congressman Daniel Webster. Webster had a good 2012 being able to win re-election to Congress against strong opposition despite, being targeted by the DCCC and Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York who poured millions into that race. He did however, run a strong ground game to win re-election.

What does 2013 hold in store for Daniel Webster, obviously he’s going to have to tackle the national debt, but he should try to use that bi-partisan statesmanship we saw in Tallahassee, I know that’s difficult to do in that bigger environment but those kind of initiatives that we saw from the much respected State Representative is what we need to be spread around up there. Tough challenge but one that is possible.

He’s also got to worry about the DCCC. It’s funny, after he beat his opponent, they didn’t go away, they kept sending attack emails because they want his seat. And they’ll continue to target him, apparently until they get it. So, in addition to the debt, and constituent services, he’s still got to worry about the DCCC lobbing attack emails, like there is still an election happening. That’s another challenge he’s dealing with.

Also, the VA hospital. With re-districting, the Veterans lost a fighter with Mica and Adams having to battle each other and Adams leaving office. I would really like to see Daniel Webster step in and really get the dog-gone VA hospital fixed. It’s been delayed too long. To see him “outfront” on that would be a terrific service to his constituents. For Florida Politics with Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

Webster's common sense approach is much needed in DC

Webster’s common sense approach is much needed in DC

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